i just have to say for a person that has lost a child it is the worst thing in the world to ever have to do but i will also say i didnt have control of why i had to lose my child and to know these parents had the control as to what happen to this baby is horrible and to think there was at least 4 adults there and no one was smart enought to know how bad of an idea leaving this baby on that boat was is just crazy to me i think yes these parents and grandparents have to live with this for the rest of there life but this baby had to suffer a awful death to not be able to get up and breath that is awful and i dont think letting these parents off is a great idea u know if this was a babysitter that did this they would have been arrested if it was a moms boyfriend not watching the child he would have been arrested this is 4 adults watching this baby and none of these adults thought this was a bad idea that is just so crazy to me for the record i am very sorry for there loss but not to them am i sorry i am sorry to this baby because no one was there when he needed him the most just think they get to have fun with there other children he dont ever get to grow up i dont feel bad for them at all they are the ones that didnt act as adults i feel bad for what this baby had to go through before he finally let go