hi i work with the baltimore county gang unit
i have been with the gang unit eleven years
now look are county is beauitful with great great
people of all race but the sad and real thing we
have had a gang problem in are county the
last eight years and it has grown look we put
young gang members in jail all the time and
we are making it hard for them to get out of
jail we have fourty three gangs here in are county
bloods crips b g f family black gangster disciples
almighty vice lords ms13 white gangs polor bears
wild side blvd boys b m i tirgers blocc boys
these are white gangs they sale weed and just
get high and like to party they are in areas of
white marsh towson harford county middle river
parkville rosedale essex dundalk cockeysville
now the biggest gangs out here are the bounty hunter bloods out lwa20s bloods fruittown brims
denverlanes bloods 151 pirus uptown mafia brims
thin rollin 60s crips rollin 40s crips grape street
watts crips shotgun crips school yard mafia crips
west coast rollin 80s crips thin vice lords folk nation which stands for gangster disciples
b g f family ms13 e m e 18th street mexican gang
sets north side pico locos tiny insane locos
play boy barrio locos tiny winos
w/s columbia lilcycos L L C S
look a large number of are young gang members
are locos but we do have members from e m e 18th
street gang members that came from some of the
losangeles barrios and started up sets out
here in baltimore county areas of dundalk rosedale
essex middle river towson brooklyn park cockeysville parkville and now harford county
and parts of howard county this gang hates ms13
e m e 18th street gang members started back in the
early 80s back in losangeles now they are in
pheonix seattle portland denver co kansas city kansas omaha north carolina outside of chicago
outside of detroit they are in milaukee
new jersy new haven ct harford ct memphis tenn
nashville tenn queens ny parts of west chester county ny look these young men sale drugs
sale guns they are in to the sex trade as well
they have women in they gang sets THEY GO BY THE
NUMBER 18 THEY wear black brown and some times tan
colors but like i said before we put lots of
gang members in are jails some vice lords and
gangster disciple gang members haved moved in
from parts of chicago they are mostly in
south baltimore or north east baltimore like
the crips and bloods and b g f family we
have crip members from mostly baltimore but
we do have them in here from n y c new jersy
and losangeles we have bloods from nyc new jersy
large number of ms13 gang members haved moved in
from motgomery county and parts of northern va
look its a tough tough job thats why we need every
ones help help us baltimore county gang unit to
keep putting this young thugs in jail for a long time