Can I get some sympathy. Absolutely NOT. But I can get left out in the desert to die by a j.w.I. layed there for 2 days after I called a jejovah witness that claimed to be in love with there in 20 min. I. Layed there waiting for 2 Days before looseng conciousness. From. My injuries. On the 4th day I was found. By a dog lying face down in the sand in my owm urine and feces. A hole in my back so big the dogs owner could stick his face in and get a close up that would put a cat scan. To shame. no one else knew where I was. DON'T JEHOVAH WITNESSES TEACH MORALS. OR HUMANITY. After 10 years as a J.W. chose to ignore.and play god and let me die nstead of help like a real believer of lehovah would.