Little Rock, Arkansas - Philanthropist and businessman Ted Ranshaw has completed negotiations with the city of Little Rock, Arkansas, and a deal has been finalized to acquire principal ownership of the land parcel adjacent to the KATV television headquarters in Little Rock. Ranshaw intends to open The Ranshaw Clinic, the first of what Ranshaw is saying to be many free women's health clinics opening throughout the United States.
When asked for comment, Ranshaw seemed excited to get to work. "Over the years, I have used my fortunes for the greater good of this country. With the introduction of Ranshaw Clinics nationwide, I look to move beyond my usual philanthropic efforts and advance to a more hands-on approach with this nation's poor." Ranshaw's vision for women's health is truly revolutionary, as it will be the first free clinic in the United States to comply with President Obama's Health Care Reform Act, specifically working within the areas of contraception. "What our President is doing with health care is an amazing thing, and I look forward to using what he's offering us as a nation and serving my vision for this country at the same time. With the rise in unemployment across this nation, the amount of underpriveleged children is on the rise, and the numbers are staggering", Ranshaw noted. "As a means to prevent overpopulation of the United States by our poor and working class, I will be opening Ranshaw Clinics nationwide to provide abortion services to our nation's poor, and thanks to our President, poor women will have no choice but to have the procedures performed."
While the idea of mandatory abortions seems frightening to those not in the 1%, Ranshaw feels no need to put any fears to rest. "Progress as a nation will never resume as long as those beneath the financial standard continue to mass produce unwanted children, who will no doubt put further strain on us as a nation. It becomes a necessary measure to eliminate these future financial burdens before they cripple this great nation. The bottom line, and I stand by this, is that if you can't benefit the United States of America with your wealth, you shouldn't burden it by spawning financial parasites that leech off of my fortune to survive."
The Ranshaw Clinic of Little Rock is tentatively set to break ground in Spring 2012.