Hackensack firefighter charged in Englewood sexual assault involving 13-year-old

Apr 4, 2012 Full story: NorthJersey.com 383

ENGLEWOOD - A Hackensack firefighter was arrested Wednesday for allegedly engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct with a 13-year-old girl last month, authorities said.

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a friend of a friend


#130 Apr 9, 2012
That happens when you get involved with WHITE TRASH. MOV if you guys are lying and it is proven, the law will get you. also God will punish you.
Jimmy jones

Bronx, NY

#131 Apr 9, 2012
White trash lol, everyone leave this lady alone, shes boared...this blog is never going to end
save Dave

Hackensack, NJ

#132 Apr 9, 2012
Dave is a guy, who became a firefighter, someone who is willing to put his life on the line to save someone elses life, I've know him for 10 plus yrs. He's a stand up guy, doesn't need to go after some 13 yrs old ass. Clearly the mother should be evaluated and checked for mental issues. Seems like mother put daughter up to this whole thing. Hope all go's well for Dave
save Dave

Hackensack, NJ

#133 Apr 9, 2012
to me it sounds like they are some type of sick cult, step father, father, mother, all get a "confession" from Dave , damn they damned his life. How quickly a life can be ruined by BS allegations. I find it funny that the MOV is on here typing so much BS and she sounds kind of happy of whats going on. Must have really dad it in for Dave huh !!!!

Saddle Brook, NJ

#134 Apr 9, 2012
This constant bashing on the mom is a joke.she can be all the things said..but she did not get charged with this crime. David Fernandez did.the support of this man ,is based on ignorance! To anybody that has no ties to this case,it is obvious this man committed a crime against this 13 year old girl!CLEARLY!I credit the parents for reporting it,and also dealing with this mindless banter!
Jimmy jones

Bronx, NY

#135 Apr 9, 2012
Yankees better win today

Paterson, NJ

#136 Apr 9, 2012
Father of the victom wrote:
Not only was my child raped by This guy..... I witnessed him admitting it and apologizing to my daughter... And so did her step father and her mother. I will leave it at that!!
you witnessed it but yet you all did NOTHING???!!!!... smh, id be going to jail myself... im not saying hes innocent or guilty, im just saying the things you people are saying on here is outlandish... and btw... its victIm not victOm... you and your "daughter" who is posting both spell it wrong so i am to believe its the same person.
tina I

United States

#139 Apr 9, 2012
This all a horrible lie!!!!! I've know davis for over 20yrs and this man is not a child molster!!!!! I would give my life on it. The truth will come out and it will show david as being the victim in this. And I only hope and pray that the liers who started this evil lie will be in the papers and news and get all the bad press in the world and get charges put on them for defemation of character and giving false information. Can't wait for that day!!!!

Clifton, NJ

#141 Apr 9, 2012
all of this going on with dave is truely all a damn lie....dave has been my boy for more than 20 years and will back him up 150% on all this nonsence...truely i dont know this mov but...from what ive been reading on these blogs seems to me she is nothing but no good...woman like u dont get anywhere in life and u will find urself lonely and depressed and say to urself what have i done to this mans life......to the 13 year old i really dought that david put a finger on u....stop all of these lies and dont let ur mother BRAINWASH U AND RUIN UR LIFE.....I KNOW DAVE IS NOT GUILTY OF ALL THIS BULLSHIT LIES THAT HAVE BEEN MADE UP....
got davids back

United States

#142 Apr 9, 2012
From what I hear ur daughter has had more then 4 sex partners to date. What kinda of mother are u huh????? Letting ur daugher have sex, do drugs and drink in your presence?????? Apple don't fall from from the tree we see....... All your dirt and your daughters dirt will be out soon enough. How high u think your bail will be once they see your the one who lied ????? Lmao. Some mother you are. They should have gave you a hysterectomy the day you got pregnant with your first child. Unfit piece of shit that you are. Your whole family is white trash. Karma a bitch, BITCH!!!!
I smell bs

United States

#143 Apr 9, 2012
I've read all the posts and don't know either of the people involved. But what I do know is that I have been under the "twilight" drug before and I've never been out of it. A lil groogy and tired yes but fully alert. I even drove home on one occation after a procedure!!!! There is no way on gods earth the mother was so out of it that she couldn't hear what was going on!!!! With that said, I don't believe the moms story and am starting to believe an innocent man fell victim to a media whore and possibly a real whore. Truth always comes out and if I was the mother I would get a good lawyer or admit to the truth before u and your daughter wind up behind bars doing 20 plus yrs for revenge gone wrong. Dam shame people use their kids to get payback on someone. Smh
Park street

Hoboken, NJ

#145 Apr 9, 2012
I know this man all my life I live cross  the street from him he like fam to me and I know he would never do this to anyone one he help people out my 16teen year been around him when she play baseball .MOV really need tell the true story here because we all know he didn't do this and when it come out the she lie I hope she go to jail for good 
A-Literate-Paren t

United States

#146 Apr 10, 2012
Its not spelt, its spelled you dumbass!...and the rest of you supporting David who can't speak English and writing on this blog you're making it worse for him by showing the world, you are a bunch of idiots with no regard for children who are supporting him. Like MOV said, you are all using an alias why can't the victim spell her alias the way she wants on a blog?

And so the what if you've known him your whole life? did you ever go out with him? see how he gets when he drinks? because if you did know him, you would know a few drinks and he goes after every woman in sight!!!..what about priests, teachers, the Notre Dame Football coach last year??? Huh dumbasses?

This happens all the time with adults and children stop being ignorant and low class, there is a child involved. and if you know David really know David, he is a stand up guy, but when it comes to women and drinking he's another person. Since most of you probably don't have even a high school education, rape is not always sex when it comes to a child stupidos!

He could have touched this "child" inappropriately, made her touch him. what the fuck!!!!!! the parents did the right thing, and the bail amount is normal you're right dumbass David supported #6 but how do you explain the arrest?? can't have one with evidence dumbass!! If this was a month ago, there's no physical evidence anymore, only a confession or witnesses would warrant the police, county and courts to take David in.

Now stay in Hackensack with the rest of these stupid ass comments and go visit your friend in jail..he'll be there for a while. Because all that know him should know, there were drinks and a girl child involved...teachers, coaches, priests, uncles and friends violate children, this man is no different...he also like her mother well enough to have another kid with her, ooops no he aborted her child and then admitted to drinking and playing with her 13 year old girl, yeah great guy!

Newark, NJ

#150 Apr 10, 2012
A-Literate-Parent wrote:
<quoted text>
This isn't a game, and if I were the MOV or FOV I'd castrate that predator of a man for "flirting" with a 13 year old if I had one, instead they reported it and are telling the story which hurts them and their past but his as well and it should be..He has plenty of issues. A firefighter, so what? He is no saint, and maybe all the other women with kids you talk about were also in danger. This blog allows the man who many want to believe is a model citizen think about the child. You can hate the mother all you'd like, it goes to show your real support for women rights. You give David excuses, and know he's gone after many women who did not want it. They turn him down regularly..you even say he was breaking up with her, when after she was pregant? Nice, point is you don't know the facts, you don't care about the child and you support a man who you've known to be a little flirty and think it was all ok, even with a child it was all ok. What country are you people from? Let me guess Colombia where child rape and treating women like shit are ok? Surprised you even had something to say about MOV's drug issues, knowing about all the drugs involved in your culture. Do you give the same speech to everyone or only the ones that speak out against you?
I never said flirty with a child was ok. Never ever would that be ok. Woman's rights that's a joke MOV is the farthest thing from being a woman she is a sick dirty pig raising sad to say something very similar. Any parent would report it but I find it extremely hard to truly believe he raped a child. Damn the court system that gave that child back to the MOV. What does our culture and country have anything to do with this. You truly are very ignorant goes to show the type of trash you are. Let te courts figure this out. The child should be taken away from that kind of mother. PERIOD. I would not trust any man with a daughter ESP a man you knew only a few mos again another poor character trait. Find Jesus and pray because hell is all yours
tired of bs

Dorothy, NJ

#151 Apr 10, 2012
MOV, Let me start off by saying you can't use the word "Mother" in the same sentence when speaking about yourself! What you are is, and alcoholic, drug addict, and let's not forget the pending prostitution charges that you have. Protecting your daughter you claim, this statement is unbelievable coming from you! Your 13 year old that you have only had back for maybe a month. I can't believe after abuse charges that any judge would allow you custody. What because you had to take parenting classes? That is a joke! Lets not even mention the two other children that you have that you have no claims on because of how unfit of a mother you are. The lives that you have destroyed, including your own children amazes me! The damage that is irriversible, another proud moment for someone who is trying to claim that she is protecting her child. If you were protecting your child, you would have given up any rights to her a long time ago and saved her the embarrassment of her even calling you mom! Shame on you! Trust me Karma will come your way and slap you so hard across your face and then that will be the beginning of you living your nightmare! When this poor man is proven innocent from your lies, trust me they will throw your sloppy disgusting ass in jail where you belong!
sum 1 who knows David

Brooklyn, NY

#152 Apr 10, 2012
At the end of the day NONE OF US "KNOW" 100% if he did or didn't do it. If you weren't there the day it happened then you don't know for sure. I'm neither here nor there about weather he did or not. ANYONE is capable of doing wrong. Moms past really doesn't have anything to do with if the child was raped UNLESS of course this is a revenge lie that I keep hearing,(actually heard that the day he was arrested) I hope to god that David didn't do it, but if its true then my prayers to the victim. But we will all see the outcome.

Jersey City, NJ

#154 Apr 10, 2012
Listen u so called ...a literate parent.....who the fuck r u to judge david....the reason almost eveyone is coming to his defense is because we all know the way he is....we all have hung out with him plenty of nights and drank with him and always had a great time.....yes he flirts with WOMAN....isn't that normal for a single guy to do.....he wasn't married to that pop pillin hooooo.....dave is my boy and will stand up for him till the end of all this bs he is going thru....and to mov and fov and step dad and the 13 year old.....u will b JUDGED.....so make sure ur ready for what's coming.......
tired of bs

Dorothy, NJ

#155 Apr 10, 2012
Father of the victom wrote:
I hope you guys are pleased with yourselves ......... Her mother has always had her back, and it is sad that this happened to our child,but even worst that all your mindless comments have been put on the web.... And if this does go to trial....... I pray you all will be in the court room to hear the solid evidence against your friend and family member,and to watch our daughter be strong enough to face the man that raped her ,look him in the eyes and let him know how much he hurt and violated her, and yet that still won't repair what he did to our child!!Nothing Will!!! But as her parents and the ones who witnessed your friend and family members confession of his violation of our child and his "sorry from the bottom of his heart" ... It is still hard for us to except what happened to our child, so I am sure it is hard to except that a man you all love and care for did this.... But he did,and it is no one fault , but his. So please show some respect... And know that attacking the victims mother, hurts the victim. Thank you
Father of the victim! Really? You are either stupid, or that pathetic! Quite Frankly I believe you don't even exist! You have never been apart of your 13 year olds life! It is funny the sick twisted game MOV plays!!!!!! No one is this stupid to believe any of these twisted, sick stories! To be honest if this happened to a normal family people do not air out their dirty laundry and get involved in blogs! Especially the victim!
Sumting 2 say

Newark, NJ

#156 Apr 10, 2012
To all of ya dat want 2 say Dave a model citizen he ain't. He a pig too him and his circle are pigs i kno always after women tryin to get eryone drunk him and his boyz always lookin 4 ass he even b hittin on otherz  women. This time looks like a 13 yr old that may not act like a young child but is. Mov u seem like shit but she right u neva kno

Cliffside Park, NJ

#157 Apr 10, 2012
We are very prepared!After all.... I am aware that all this talk from everyone means nothing in THIS court case. The facts of this case will be the only thing heard by the Judge. I also want to say , I don't know any of Davids friends or family, so all being said is not based on anything ,but what you guys think you know... Which is nothing. I am glad to see all the support he has, just know that it won't support him in the court room, because all you nameless supporters could not have anything relevant to say about what happened to my child.

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