Watching nightly news is not educating citizens to all that is happening through out this country. If people don't spend time searching the net at various web sites to become educated to how bad our situation is, no one will be ready for the total collapse of our government when it happens (sooner than you think). Both parties are worthless to the citizens. So regardless if you believe the Democrats or the Republicans, you are being deceived.

You wonder why the U.S. is in debt, read this:“U.S. funding for jailing illegal immigrants falls far short of Costs”. California spends roughly $1 billion annual for jailing illegal immigrants convicted of crimes. And the Federal Govt. gives Calif. 90 million $. But why do we allow immigrants into this country – which cost Calif. over $1Billion? How dumb – get rid or stop the immigrants from coming into the country. Read-

In one state, Colorado – 5,000 non-citizens registered to vote. Can you believe that, just one state and we have illegal immigrants registered to vote? Read the story yourself:
How about this one – an Arizona land owner was tired of trash all over his property and being “swamped” by the impact of undocumented immigrants and drug smugglers coming onto his property. They came through in groups of 40 or 50. He had drug smugglers come through too. They would take vehicles and plow through his fence. When he discovered a bunch of them he held them at gun point and called the border patrol. You ready for this, he has now been charged and brought to court by the Southwest Regional Counsel for the Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund. And yes he was ordered to pay $90,000.00 to illegal immigrants on his property. Can you believe this bullshit! Go read it yourself:
I have a part 2