Is hawaiian paradise park safe to live?

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Vallejo, CA

#1 Jan 8, 2007
Not sure if this is a subject we can discusse here. Let me know if it is not. We brought a lot on 7th street and plan to build a vacation or retirement home there. Can anyone tell me the crime rate in the park? what type of crime and how often? Any drug related problem and how often? What kind of community do you think it will be in the next 10 to 15ys? A safe retirement community or regular family community?

United States

#2 Jan 10, 2007
Sell as soon as possible -- the community is a drug haven -- lots of drug activity and lowlifes are all over that area.

United States

#3 Jan 10, 2007
First of all, shouldn't you have asked this question before you bought the lot? Have you even seen your lot and the surrounding area? Just to let you know, Hawaiian Paradise Park isn't an actual park; HPP is the name of the area. I'm not sure what the crime rates are in HPP; however, HPP is in close proximity to the Puna area. The Puna area is known for its crime and drug problem. In fact, it has escalated to the point where the local police are unable to control said-problems. By the way, last I heard, certain parts of HPP didn't have plumbing or electricity. Like I said before: Shouldn't you have asked this question before you bought the lot? Oh well, you could always change your plans and build an actual park on your lot. That way you can give a little more validity to the name Hawaiian Paradise Park.

Milpitas, CA

#4 Jan 14, 2007
We are buying a house in HPP on 3rd St. and planning to move there within the year. I have friends that moved there last July and haven't heard any neighborhood talk of drugs or crime. And, all the houses I looked at had plumbing and electricity.

An aside, I am a contractor that specializes in green new home construction. If you don't have a contractor yet, let me know. I'm located in Sonoma County and just finished a strawbale house in Placerville ( ).

Good luck!
Maud Gonne

Grants Pass, OR

#5 May 5, 2007
We are considering purchasing property in Hwaiian Acres. I am experienced with rural living and alternative lifestyles but now, in my sixties, would like to ask the same sort of questions about HA: is it crime ridden (I don't mean victimless crimes)? Is it feasible to leave the property vacant part of each year? And if I view our property during a dry time will potenetial flood areas be obvious?
Puna Ma

Honolulu, HI

#6 May 10, 2007
Anywhere you live, not just Hawaii, you are going to have drugs close by. It's a fact. Even if you live in one of those fancy gated communities. Do you honestly think everyone who lives there earned their money grinding away at a 9-5 job?
HPP is actually not a bad place. Every area on the Big I- I've had people tell me is bad, drug infested, full of crazies. But- the same areas are also full of good, honest people who value their neighbors and would help you out if needed. It's all in how YOU present YOURSELF.
My suggestion- get some big dogs and a 45 and invite your block over for a bbq.

Poway, CA

#7 May 18, 2007
Which is the best city to live in on the big island??? I have a toddler who will be going to school in a few years and i plan on teaching elementary school. Any advice would be VERY appreciated!
Puna Ma

Honolulu, HI

#8 May 21, 2007
Depends on what you're looking for. I absolutely love Puna and would not want to live anywhere else. Hilo has a lot of things going on, including lots of schools. Kona is hot and touristy, plus rent is way up there and it's dry- I'm not just talking water-wise, either. The crime rate is pretty much the same anywhere you live, but while you're adjusting to the aina, I highly recommend living close to either Hilo or Kona because there are more services there. If you want to live more laid back, Puna is the place.
Good luck!

Downey, CA

#9 May 27, 2007
Puna Ma wrote:
Anywhere you live, not just Hawaii, you are going to have drugs close by. It's a fact. Even if you live in one of those fancy gated communities. Do you honestly think everyone who lives there earned their money grinding away at a 9-5 job?
HPP is actually not a bad place. Every area on the Big I- I've had people tell me is bad, drug infested, full of crazies. But- the same areas are also full of good, honest people who value their neighbors and would help you out if needed. It's all in how YOU present YOURSELF.
My suggestion- get some big dogs and a 45 and invite your block over for a bbq.
Of course no area is immune to drugs and crime; however, there are areas in which crime and drugs are more prevalent than in others. Puna is one of those areas where drugs and crime are more prevalent than in other Big Island areas (google it if you like).

What do you mean when you stated "It's all in how YOU present YOURSELF"? Are you implying that if I present myself as a "good" person, all the "bad" people and "bad" things that happen in my environment will not affect me or cease to exist? You may be a wishful thinker, but please, don't be so naive.

By the way, if HPP is actually not a bad place full of good, honest people, as you stated above, why would you need "some big dogs and a 45"? Unless you implied that the wild boar hunting game is good in Puna, you just contradicted yourself.


#10 Jun 5, 2007
NoeTur Rist

Atascadero, CA

#11 Jun 8, 2007
I am a California resident who is going to be purchasing a lot on the Island of Hawaii. My husband and I have been doing a great deal of research, which included traveling over there more than once.

Wow! Do we love the Hilo area! It is not touristy at all. We took a guided tour through areas not normally visited by tourists; And our guide was a man who fell in love with the area and told us about the culture and where to find property.

I, personally, am at home with the Hawaiians to the point of feeling "homesick" when I return to California. We, also, like the area because of the steady, comfortable climate-- it is never too hot nor too cold. Yet there is plenty of precipitation as it is a tropical forest area. This is great, because we will always have plenty of good quality water to catch for our home without having to worry about it being supplied to our home by a municipality. My husband and I have always dreamed of finding a lot and then securing our own utilities. We will not have difficulty with this since my husband is a contractor.

It is great that you asked for advice. I suggest you visit Hawaii for yourself. It would be a good to take a trip and visit this area. There are ways to travel out there without it costing an arm and a leg.

And it is true: No matter where I lived, I could not escape the presence of drugs. My father had a career where we had to relocate frequently. And this was back in the 60's an 70's. Once I was old enough, I was aware of the existance of drugs no matter where I lived. And it did not matter what the income bracket of the community, drugs were there. The same is true today, even more so.

If what you truly are wondering about is the crime rate in this community in comparison to yours, it is available on the internet; or you can contact the police stations of both areas. I am sure that the figures of the Hilo area will impress you. But it is always good to do your own personal research.

I hope this helps.


Kailua, HI

#12 Jun 22, 2007
I currently sitting in my rented room going over my notes on all the houses I looked at the past two days, including HPP and Hawaiian shores Rec. I have visited several times and this is my third trip specifically to look at property. I anticipate making an offer within a few days.
I agree with the comments that drugs and crime are everywhere; some places worse than others. I lived on the reservations and witnessed the ease that drugs could be moved. Lived in Alaska and saw what 24 hour daylight does for weed. Many millionaires were made and will continue to be. I also agree with teh comment that as more houses are built and the neighborhood becomes more populated the less criminal behavior will be in the area.
I just had to drop in on this conversation considering my current activity.

Good luck to all you considering buyingand/or building over here.
Living in HPP

Honolulu, HI

#13 Jun 25, 2007
Living in HPP and being a realtor, this, to me, is one of the safer places to live here in Puna. We have great neighbors and live on a good road.
Like anything else, do your homework, and consider all the factors, and then decide. So I think you're doing that!
Good job and good luck!

Auburn Hills, MI

#14 Jun 26, 2007
Crime is born out of the "tweakers", meth is big business and someone could be cooking it down the road no matter where you are. HPP people think their s*%t don't stink, probably cuz alotta them just got there from so cal on orders from Donald Trump, not as bad as Kapoho beach lots though. Nah, HPP people arent' that bad, just the californians in their beamers and hummers. Jealous of the rich?? NO, I just think they're ridiculous. Anyway, if you want crime and drugs the best places are probably Nanawale and Hawaiian Beaches, followed by Ainaloa. Someone did just get shot in the chest in broad daylight in HPP last week though, someone with big dogs and a .45 maybe....
Hilo Girl

Pearl City, HI

#15 Jul 15, 2007
I love how so many of you are not residents of our island yet you know all about our crime rate and neighborhoods! Puna is no better or worse than any other area. The biggest inconvenience about living there is the traffic. There is only one major road in and out of the area and since most folks work in the Hilo area the traffic is terrible!

But, as others have stated, check the area out first before you buy! Also, be aware that you will be living near the east rift zone of the volcano... Not a HUGE possibility, but something to think about.

Personally, I LOVE the Hilo area and would not want to live anywhere else!=)

United States

#16 Jul 18, 2007
Hilo Girl wrote:
I love how so many of you are not residents of our island yet you know all about our crime rate and neighborhoods! Puna is no better or worse than any other area.
Since when do you have to actually live in a city to know what its crime rate is? With the advent of the internet, you can look-up information of virtually everything right from the comfort of your home - no matter where you live. In fact, here's a section of an article from the Star-Bulletin regarding Puna:'The sparsely populated Puna district of the Big Island has an abundance of social problems, including poverty, drug abuse and a high number of child-abuse cases, state and county officials say.
"The abuse is here," said acting police Lt. Glenn Uehana, of the East Hawaii Juvenile Aid Section. "It's present in probably every district on the island, but we tend to have higher numbers of things that are bad there (in Puna)."'
According to Lt. Uehana, Puna tends to have higher numbers of things that are bad. That statement contradicts what you stated: "Puna is no... worse than any other area". Until you can show me legitimate (I emphasize the word legitimate) statistics proving your point, what Lt. Uehana stated has more merit than your apparent biased opinion.
By the way, here's the link to the article that I posted above:

Holualoa, HI

#17 Jul 22, 2007
I would suggest you drive around HPP it has 130 miles of roads and covers 10 sq miles.
Its a big place. Zip code 96749.

There are over 8,00 building sites of which about 30% have homes Currently about 14,000 folks live here.

The south side is bordering a state DLNR and Hawaiian Homes lands. The north a private estate the east is ocean front and the west has a two lane highway (hwy 130).

If the current trend continues an average single family house will cost US$450k and a vacant lot around $90K. Expect to pay $600.00 in property taxes a year for the empty lot. Which by the way are for the most part 30,000 sq feet.(One acre)

There is one full time fireman and no other county services. With the exception of the roads transversing the subdivision from the ocean to hwy 130 the remaining 112 miles of roads are dirt.

HPP is a private subdivision which will turn 50 years old in 2009.

In closing I think it will soon be necessary to closed new building permits. It is estimated that there are close to 5000 pulled (outstanding and yet to break ground ).

I state the following objectively. There are no stores, no police stations, no home mail delivery service, no fire hydrants and no public schools.

However there are several areas set aside for commercial businesses and schools. As I stated I foresee a temporary halt on new homes until at least fire and safety essential services catch up with the population.

As you might have gathered by now I am a resident of HPP. Coming up on 20 years.

This area was one big lot before it was made into home thousands of sites. Back in 1959 future home owners were expected to be interested in a agricultural activity such as fruit orchards or flower growing.( Lots were $500.00). While many are doing just that today the vast majority are either retired , commuting or running a business from their home.

Side bar:
I neither sell land or work for any industry involved in building I am simply putting a few rough facts in this post for no personal gain.

In closing Hawaiian Paradise Park has a very active seniors group and a Homeowners assoc- action very capable and welcoming to all comers meeting are held monthly.

I take my hat off the the residents of HPP for their vigilance in reporting any suspicious behavior to the two nearby police substations. I do not think that drug dealing and crime has ever been higher then average.

In fact I would state for the record that months would go by before any mention of criminal activity would be on the daily police log radio or in the newspaper.

Please visit the community association website for up to date information.

Should you already live here I say hello. If you are soon to move here welcome. Don't delay you will wish you made the move sooner.

puna senior citizen

Ignacio, CO

#18 Jul 24, 2007
I have owned three acres in Hawn. Acres for 30 years and built my home 10 years ago. Drugs are less of a problem as time passes and more people build in the area. We are very self sufficient, catch our water, have solar inverted to reg house power. Have many fruit trees and gardens. I love it here. Paradise Park has a very good reputation as subdivisions go. It is a very different lifestyle from most and very satisfying.
adam inch

Fresno, CA

#19 Jul 26, 2007
My family and I were curious on the cost of living in Hawaii compared to places like california's central cal. area's from Bakersfield to Sacramento. we have lived in both areas, and their pretty compatiable aposed to housing cost, of course depending on residing location. Things like; food, clothing, utilities, car and property tax and the basic necessities. Are they the the same. I understand that variuos things are imported, but how self sufficent is Hawaii? I see that over a million reside in Hawaii, and it apears with all the high rises they have, it's an adequit and sufficent industrial state, so what imports are going to to be most shocking. Hopefully it's not the basic necessities for a family of five.
P.S. do we have to give up the tri-tip barbaques, around $11.00 a piece
deborah malott

United States

#20 Jul 27, 2007
i am thinking of purchasing a 3 acre lot in the fern forest/puna area. I have only seen photos of the lot, but it is full of ferns and trees, no driveway, catchment water, electric and telephone at edge of property. Has anyone cleared any of this type of land before, and we have to bring in cynder for the driveway, septic, etc. I would eventually want to build a small house on this lot, but would it end up costing me more than if I bought a lot that was already improved....what to do.....thanks for any insight.

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