Be aware... there are black mats down near the bounce houses for the kids and they are not being watered down. Kids need to take their shoes off and BRING SOCKS... those without socks are getting their feet burned on the mats. Our son loves bounce houses... but after getting his feet so badly burned he wanted to leave the play area. One bounce house (tunnel style where you go straight through) is $1 a shot and it only takes the kids about 15 seconds to go through it. We told our son to take his time and hang around in there a bit. It might be a better idea to charge a buck fo 5 minutes of play... that's the equivalent of $12 per hour per kid.... Given 20 kids all playing at once, that's $240 per hour... nice profit. But when you are doing $1-$2 and every 15 seconds..yikes... that's $960 per hour for 20 kids minimum. Ridiculous. Also... as is typical in fair/carnival settings, small blow up toys on sticks range in price from $5-$7 and they do NOT take "blueberry bucks". Same with face painting... full face cost $10 and did not accept blueberry bucks. In fact, most of the places we tried to spend our $40 in blueberry bucks wouldn't take blueberry bucks. If we had known that, we wouldn't have bought so many blueberry bucks. We were told that almost everything took blueberry bucks... and blueberry bucks seller could not tell us how much the kids area stuff would cost, much less how much anything else might cost in blueberry bucks. So we took a chance. Since we ended up spending CASH for almost everything there, we had plenty of blueberry bucks left over and ended up buying a flat + of blueberries with it just so it wouldn't be wasted money.

Suggestions for next year... make it more affordable. Some things were incredibly overpriced. Also, don't sell blueberry bucks if you can't tell the customer what it will buy them, or if a lot of what needs to be paid for does not take blueberry bucks. It's a dollar to get one blueberry buck.... so why not just pay with dollars throughout the festival? Also, please water down the dark mats near the kids play area if you require shoes off. Burned feet are not much fun for any kid and ruins the fond memories.

If the blueberry festival runs the same way next year we won't go. Far too over-priced (except beer)and not very safe for the children.