It is easy to see what blogs are on the packer play list. One only has to see whether or not they allow comments on their meat packer sided arguments or not.

I a very familiar with the GIPSA rules and why they are needed. It has nothing to do with what the meat packers are portraying to the majority of beef producers. They have tried to say the rules would hinder marketing opportunities for beef producers but that is not true. The new rules would make sure that the rights of beef producers to have fair markets isn't impinged upon by meat packers who have done so in the past. The legal cases that the rules address are obvious failures of the courts to protect producers and prevent meat packers from stealing market value through their price offerings for an identical product. This is plain old price discrimination to push the market down for all producers. No one suggests we shouldn't have premiums but abuse of market power should not hide behind farmers having those programs. Anyone looking at the relevant court cases would see that is the case.

The meat packers are making a straw man to blow over and are disregarding the real reasons these rules are needed.

Would any beef producer say the competitive harm theory of meat packer lawyers should disallow proper weighing and transparency in the fulfilling of contracts such as proper weighing of livestock and poultry? Would anyone in the beef industry suggest meat packers can cheat on their contracts and that not be covered under the Packers and Stockyards Act?

The meat packers have lied about what the rules are about to garner the support of producers. Anyone not supporting the new rules with this information has been duped and will have no recourse in federal court if they are cheated by meat packers.

Nice going, Beef magazine and all the other publications who are misrepresenting the new rules for the meat packers. You are part of the conspiracy against producers and it is all based on lies. Open the comments up so people can speak up about what is really happening, not the scenario that meat packer lawyers and their PR firms are pushing. It is time for a little more truth and a whole lot less lies about the new GIPSA rules. Meat packers and their cronies should not be influencing the regulatory agency that is supposed to be keeping them honest. It is because meat packers have paid off so many politicians that this is the case.\

I know because my case was one of them. Let us get some truth out there instead of straw men.