Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Jan 5, 2011 Full story: The Cincinnati Enquirer 81,731

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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Cave by big rock

#53653 May 29, 2012
Hellbender wrote:
is that the one out on 231? is there truck parking?
That's the one

Nashville, TN

#53654 May 29, 2012
Ancient Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
They are repeating part 1 and 2 all night tonight. Then tomorrow night they will start the whole thing at 5 pm and run straight through all 3 parts, then after 11 pm will repeat parts 2 and 3 through out the night. My Favorite Kostner film is (of course LOL) is "Dances with Wolves".
Hi Ancient Wolf, I really am enjoying this series. Want to know more since I have ancestors born in that area on the WVA and KY borders. I agree, that don't get any better than "Dances With Wolves". My all time favorite too.

I see the trolls wouldn't know where to find the HISTORY channel on their TV's, probably just hooked up to an ancient VH1 player to play their porn. While we were watching some history of Kentucky in the greatest fued they were busy talking to themselves (I also believe the unapoo and the CAPS Scottsville poster are the same) and look he invited BIGFOOT over from his Scottsville site to give him backup since there were too many regulars and decent posters on. Look how many of their posts were removed. Not one of mine has and all my GODvine they enjoy so much are still there. They are all between him and himself. lol

Removed posts of the trolls: hahaha they are watching the sewer crew


Hope you enjoyed the movie. I can't wait to have some cabbage tomorrow. It has been awhile. Waiting for some fried green tomatoes. Yummy.

5,3,4,3,2,1, and out from the slime rock he craws, leader of the poocrew, una poo himself or teenyponyboy will take a

Nashville, TN

#53655 May 29, 2012
No the diseased sewer troll is lurking for another post from you Ancient Wolf. They are really fixated on you and me. Perverts.

Did you see this in today's news?

'Hatfields & McCoys' earns record 13.9M total viewers for History Channel

May 29, 2012, 4:29 PM EST

The first installment of History's "Hatfields & McCoys" had a record 13.9 million total viewers, setting a record for non-sports, ad-supported cable programs.

The first installment of the miniseries, starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton as the patriarchs of the infamously feuding families, beat the previous non-sports, ad-supported basic cable record set by TNT's "Crossfire Trail" in January 2001. It had 12.5 million total viewers.

The installment had 4.8 million viewers in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic, and 17 million total viewers watched it in either its premiere or encore airing.

The strong viewership represents a big success for the channel after it abandoned plans to air "The Kennedys" among complaints from the family's supporters.

"With all the success we have had at History, we felt strongly for some time that we should own historical drama, and in true History fashion, we have done it, with -- pardon the pun -- guns a-blazin!" said Nancy Dubuc, president and general manager of the network.

The second and third installments will air Tuesday and Wednesday.

Since: Sep 11

Cave by big rock

#53656 May 29, 2012
Hellbender wrote:
is that the one out on 231? is there truck parking?
The one on the corner of 31and 100 and yes there is truck parking.

Nashville, TN

#53657 May 29, 2012
Speaking of diseased trolls...bats are going down everywhere. We discussed this about 50,000 posts ago when they were dying in Indiana.

Disease wiping out bats hits new species, spreads west

mysterious bat-plaguing disease has shown up in a seventh species, the U.S. reported Tuesday, and said even more could succumb as white-nose syndrome makes its way across the nation from the East Coast. That's particularly bad news for farmers who benefit from bat colonies that can devour a ton of insects in a single serving.

Gray bats, a vulnerable species that's been federally protected since 1976, are the latest to get hit, with infections of the white fungus found on bats in two Tennessee counties, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announced.

If trends continue, the syndrome "is likely to continue to spread west and it is probable that other bat species will be impacted," Paul McKenzie, a service staffer who works on endangered species issues, told .

The 26 species of hibernating bats across the U.S. are the ones at risk, since the disease thrives in the cool temperatures of caves and mines where those species spend their winters.

The concern is not just about protecting bats for their sake, or even the ecosystems they create inside caves, but their contribution as a natural pest control saves farmers billions of dollars a year and means fewer chemicals used on our foods.
"Gray bats eat a lot of moths, beetles, flies" and other insects, Ann Froschauer, a spokeswoman for the service's White-Nose Syndrome program, told . "A colony of 250,000 gray bats can eat about one ton of insects in a night."

Fish & Wildlife Service
"There aren't other animals that can step in and take the place of bats in terms of these pest control services," she added.

Year after year "gray bats probably consume over a trillion insects" across their Southeast and Midwest habitats, added McKenzie. "The economic impact to agriculture and forestry could be astronomical" if the disease starts a mass die-off.

The disease was first detected in 2006 in New York state. Thought to have come from Europe, it has since spread to 19 states and four Canadian provinces -- killing some 6 million bats.

In some areas, entire colonies have been wiped out.

A recently discovered fungus, Geomyces destructans, is now known to cause the syndrome, but scientists still don't know how to combat the disease. Some bats survive, but others die after losing their fat reserves or leaving their caves before winter is over.

In the case of gray bats, which number around 4 million, no deaths have been reported. But they are particularly vulnerable to disease because they hang out in dense colonies that can number in the hundreds of thousands.

The species was "well on the way to recovery" before the disease hit, McKenzie noted, but now the fear is it will "expand exponentially" across the bats' habitat.

Nashville, TN

#53658 May 29, 2012
A crazy fish story for Saragon.

Feisty fish steals vet's hand in tourney, then returns it

Wounded war veteran Jack Wiseman's prosthetic hand nearly got a burial at sea while participating in a Memorial Day weekend fishing tournament. Wiseman snagged a big one, but when the fish yanked on the reel, part of Wiseman's prosthetic arm snapped off and sank. "The hand snapped off the prosthetic device, still hooked to the rod, and the rod and the reel and the hand went down into the water," Wiseman said. Fortunately, another fisherman was able to catch the hand-wielding fish and return Wiseman's prosthesis. Let's give that reel hero a hand.

Nashville, TN

#53659 May 29, 2012
For lala and OJG

Tuesday, May 29, 6:46 pm

Old horse jumps from glue factory to Olympics stage

&#8203;At 12 years old, racehorse Neville Bardos is well past his prime. In 2002, he narrowly escaped the slaughterhouse after a failed racing career. In 2011, he was horrifically burned in a Pennsylvania barn fire that killed six horses. But now, against all odds, the chestnut gelding is making a comeback. He's not only a contender for equestrian glory at the London Olympic Games, but also set to be the subject of a new film. The handsome horse is considered a frontrunner in "three-day eventing" which encompasses dressage, cross country and show jumping. Meanwhile, his owner, Boyd Martin, who took a gamble on Neville just before he was headed to the glue factory, has just sold the movie rights to the story of Neville's troubled life.

Nashville, TN

#53660 May 29, 2012
Aren't they cute until unapoo gets him in that zoo his keeper of. hahahaha

This big-eyed baby monkey will make your heart melt

Tuesday, May 29, 6:43 pm

This big-eyed baby monkey will make your heart melt
Prepare for a serious cuteness overload in this ridiculously adorable video of an itty-bitty baby monkey eating. Just look at those enormous, curious eyes! That little fuzzy head! The way he clings to his stuffed toy and eyes the room with a mixture of wonderment and suspicion! We challenge anyone not to fall for this teeny spider monkey as he munches his dinner at the Arcas Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary in Guatemala. As a bonus, listen to the silly commentary attempting to explain what this little bundle of fur is thinking.

Nashville, TN

#53661 May 29, 2012
Soldier trades smokes for maimed dog in Afghanistan

Army sergeant "Nick B" surely saw some heart-wrenching horrors during his stint in Afghanistan, but one of them he realized he had to change. When he came across a tied-up dog covered in mud, its ears and tail hacked off, Nick knew he needed to get the pup away from its owners. He traded his cigarettes for the dog, won his trust with beef jerky and worked out a deal with the Puppy Rescue Mission to transport his new pal, Bodhi, through Taliban-controlled areas and out of the country. The pair had an emotional reunion in Florida last weekend. "He's going to have a great life with us," Nick said. See? Cigarettes are good for something.

Great story and would be a great GODVINE video.


Since: Apr 09


#53662 May 29, 2012
Ancient Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
They are repeating part 1 and 2 all night tonight. Then tomorrow night they will start the whole thing at 5 pm and run straight through all 3 parts, then after 11 pm will repeat parts 2 and 3 through out the night. My Favorite Kostner film is (of course LOL) is "Dances with Wolves".
Humping with wolves, that's probably where you got the mange. You are wired tonight. Double dose of Geritol this morning? I think they have already had the dog dipping at Allen County Farmers Service this year or I would try to work you in. Not that I like you, but that digging in your arse is really tacky looking.

Scottsville, KY

#53663 May 29, 2012
<quoted text>The one on the corner of 31and 100 and yes there is truck parking.
thank you

Nashville, TN

#53664 May 29, 2012
Now that I posted something for Ancient Wolf, Hempburn, OJG, and lala to read with coffee besides the sewer troll unapoo and proteges' trash, I will leave a couple GODvine's everyone enjoys so much. Leaving the unapoo disease talking to himself and his buddy Bigfoot.

A very determined dog. Has more sense than the stalker sewer trolls.

Watch How This Smart Dog Creatively Gets on the Counter

If you want to find out how your genius dog manages to get on the counter with no chairs or tables around, you set up a video camera and watch the magic happen. This is so funny...what a smart dog.

Miracle Man Falls 47 Floors - And Amazingly Survives

If you don't believe in miracles, maybe you will after you see this. A window washer fell 47 floors off the side of a building....not only survived but will make a full recovery. Amazing!

I am Abeliever in miracles.

Hope all the regulars and decent folks posting have a Wonderful Wednesday. I know I will. Demented diseased trolls not so much.

Scottsville, KY

#53666 May 29, 2012
And thanks for not making a lotta fun over my grammer
I think theres a virus or something on this thing. My spell check dont work i cant clear the cash or cookies or anything. I have to sleep a while now
Ancient Wolf

Versailles, KY

#53667 May 29, 2012
I don't need lead in my pencil, I see no need to sit and write about my exploits. Unlike some, I am too busy living and I do not need any make-believe publicity.

So you are ogling my behind again with your wishful thinking? Well, I am not one of your baboon butt buddies and I quite often pick out my seat when I go to the movies.
Ancient Wolf

Versailles, KY

#53668 May 29, 2012

Since: Nov 10

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#53669 May 29, 2012
So I'm wondering if, after almost 50,000 posts, anyone has figured out WHY THE BIRDS FELL OUT OF THE SKY?
Does anyone even remember that that is what this thread is supposed to be about?

Since: Sep 11

Scottsville, KY

#53671 May 29, 2012
Prepper wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe you should take your own advice and maybe you could get off that merry go round there, tinponyrider. I know getting a girlfriend would be too much for you to accomplish but you could get a dog and with some practice, learn to throw a ball or maybe even a Frisbee.
Ain't on no merry go round, my tinpony goes when I twist the throttle on the handle bar. And don't need no girlfriend when I already have a wife of thirty four years. I kind of think that she would frown on the girlfriend thing.So all I would like to see is back to the dead birds. Is that so much to ask, just to get back on the subject?

Since: Sep 11

Scottsville, KY

#53672 May 30, 2012
Abeliever wrote:
<quoted text>
Good one Prepper. He is fighting lickingballs for his spot in the poo crew and it makes him grouchy. He is trying to outdazzle his competition of the leader of the sewer crew. A dog would only run away if it got it's chance. lol
LMFAO...cause I'm not trying to nothing more that wanting to get this topic back to the subject of the dead birds and not all of this chit chat and Cods-Vine's. So go swim in your cesspool and feel the tugging on your shoulder. Take a Cod-vine with you in case you start to sink.

Since: Sep 11

Scottsville, KY

#53673 May 30, 2012
Heneryetta how you been, girl. I think some of the problems with the birds is the chemicals that is used to grow our food. Farmers inject nitrogen into the ground, they go and spray chemicals to kill the weeds an insects, and on wheat it gets sprayed to make it mature. So chemicals, and as Tools use to talk about the chem trails, don't really understand just exactly when chem trails consists of but they are there.

Since: Sep 11

Scottsville, KY

#53674 May 30, 2012
ThePotPatriot65 wrote:
So I'm wondering if, after almost 50,000 posts, anyone has figured out WHY THE BIRDS FELL OUT OF THE SKY?
Does anyone even remember that that is what this thread is supposed to be about?
Aww Trolls called the regulars hijacked it January a year ago and now use it as a chit chat site. Now they are pissed because a few are here trying to get it back on the subject as to what it was started for "The dieing birds". O well.

Tell me when this thread is updated:

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