Dear Det's:
Man shot on 9th Street black 31 years old and dead
allready according to the net news? Is it possible he was shot as a result of being suspected of bringing under aged white females to SG-22's hotel
room door while he was staying at the Royal Inn
in East St.Louis Illinois? The teen female that knocked on my door I think it was Heather the run away from St.Louis Missouri whom lived over by Earth City behind Studio Plus in Earth City Missouri.

I don't have sex with minors but I do warn the Gangs all over America as they some time warn me the police are pushing those teens up to knocking on my door they claim some times???? Hmmmmm ?

Well if that is why he was killed out-side the Metro - East bar and Grill it's sad but it makes sense if a gang member shot him because of this sense they would not trust police thinking police had the murdered man involved in this .

Of course I was relaxing in Bonne Terre Missouri
and dan here comes those little white under age teen females again, well if James Mills or Missing
Norvel Nelson was pushing them up to this well
James was pulled out of the Big River DOA and who the hell even knows where Norvel Nelson is but if you see him let his mother in Festus Missouri know via the Festus Mo Dept or Sheriff Ken Valeck whom claims the white river is a good place to dump a body.

If any under age girls knock on your door be wise and dont open your door and write the car tags and license plates down hell you never know the cops could be pushing them up to it ??????????