My heart goes out to both families. Not only to have your heart
beating three times the normal rate due to the shock and fear of
someone telling you your loved one has just been killed in a car
wreck due to someone else's error, you have to have the endurance
to start the proceedings to bury them as well. That is so hear wrenching. i lost my husband at age 27 and he was 34. my hear still
aches to this day and it was 21 years ago. You have to continue to
live for your children and how do you do that all of a sudden. The
pain in one's heart from grief can literally kill you itself. Trying
to sleep at night, walking the floor, sitting and alway wondering, how do i do this. How do I handle something like this. I pray for you and will pray for you. theres a pain, that even the strongest
pain pill cannot help. We say, time heals all wounds. doesn't. I fear the traffic in Atlanta to the core. I cannot stand it saying the least. I am completely terrified of trucks. I panic when they close me in on the highway, and will actually get off the next exit so they can pass. it petrifies me. I do not trust any truck driver. I hope he will never forget how he changed two families that has to live with what he has done. I hope his conscious will whoop him every single day of his life. Everyday.
He knew what he was doing, he did not lose any type of control. he knew and he should spend the rest of his life in jail staying awake
every night knowing what he did. May God bless your families. Victoria.