I have noticed as of late longboarding is coming like a storm through cedar and with that inane noticed alot of disgruntled people using the roadways. The longboarders have been more than compliant to move to the side of the road or to the left side when no car is seen. I am a longboarder and use as transportation to get from wherever to wherever, but as of late the selfishness of the drivers is hitting a highly dangerous rate. Everything from tailgating longboarders to even getting doored by drivers and the cops threaten to give us pedestrian trafficking tickets even when there was noone else on the road. If longboarders can't use toad then why let bicycles have their own lane? If you aren't familiar with now day longboarders, they have sliding gloves for brakes, good bearings for 25+ speeds, and not including cedar is on a slope making longboards a great transportation and safe. If people aren't willing to share the road, i will tell my friends to not move over for cars anymore and act like we own the road, just as all the disgruntled drivers have been doing , because longboarders have the best maneuverability and speed on the road rather than these sidewalks that chop up your wheels.