Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Jan 5, 2011 Full story: The Cincinnati Enquirer 81,784

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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Nashville, TN

#53036 May 24, 2012
Saragon wrote:
We just got back yesterday from vacation.@Abeliever, would you believe I caught some sharks!!!! The biggest was three and a half feet long. We had a great time.
I bet that was exciting, I was just watching Jeremy Wade, River Monsters with my son on Sunday. He was catching some rare sharks in Australia. We love his show. My son has been working so much and playing coed softball this summer so he has slacked up on bringing me some fresh fish to cook. I guess I am going to have to bribe my nephew to go catch me some. We live around a lot of water, lakes, streams, creeks, and the nasty Ohio River. haha Don't eat nothing out of there. lol There are many places within walking distance. Send us a picture in email. I would love to see it. So glad you had a great time. As you can see the solar flares, eclipse, astroids, earth alignment, earthquakes have rattled the sewers and brought out the infestation of trolls like locust. hahaha We just scroll and click that "x" and keep posting. They think they are running us off. The LOVE us. hahaha We have a life, and well, you know what they got. Lots of love, hugs, and blessings. Say hello to A Soldier if you see or talk to him.

Nashville, TN

#53037 May 24, 2012
Wow, even though it is 2:15am I got to post without after to see their filth and make me go take another shower. Love it. So to everyone but the trolls I hope you have a great Friday, Memorial Day Weekend and enjoy these Godvines.

God is always there watching over us. Morning and night, every single day.

God and His Angels Watched Over This Woman - Wow
It only takes a split second for everything to change. Thank God that He had other plans for this woman on this day where it all could've ended. Watch the miraculous video.

That man was pretty lucky too. Crazy what videos are catching all across the world where cameras are in the least suspected places on the street, buildings, parking lots, businesses, elevators,and anyone with a camera cell phone. Ha, ha, smile your on candid camera.:)

Nashville, TN

#53038 May 24, 2012
Crystals can help predict volcano eruptions, scientists say

Research on Mt. St. Helens links the movement of underground magma to warning signs such as earthquakes and gas emissions.

Scientists dissecting the remains of the disastrous 1980 explosion of Mt. St. Helens in Washington state say that crystal formations trapped in volcanic rocks hold important clues about when a magma-loaded mountain is about to blow a discovery that could help volcanologists make more accurate predictions about future eruptions.

The findings, published in Friday's edition of the journal Science, link the movement of underground magma to earthquakes, gas emissions and other warning signs that are more accessible to experts who monitor active volcanoes above ground.

Volcanic eruptions, like earthquakes, are notoriously difficult to predict. Volcanoes are able to stay dormant for decades, even centuries, before suddenly exploding and wreaking havoc around them. The 2010 eruption of Iceland'sglacier-bound Eyjafjallajokull volcano after nearly 200 years of peaceful slumber filled the skies with ash, grounding flights into and out of northern Europe.

An imminent eruption can often be picked up if seismometers in the area detect the smaller earthquakes that precede an eruption. This is what occurred in the lead-up to the Mt. St. Helens event, allowing officials to evacuate the surrounding areas before the eruption which saw the crumbling of the mountain's north slope, 57 deaths, ash deposited in 11 states and more than $1 billion in damages at the time. Smaller eruptions continued through 1986; the volcano was last active in 2008.

But scientists weren't able to firmly link the signs they see above ground with what's happening below, said Olivier Bachmann, a volcanologist at the University of Washington who was not involved in the study.

"It is an ongoing challenge," Bachmann said. "I think this paper is a step forward toward trying to better understand this link."

To find out what was happening beneath the surface, scientists looked at a type of crystal that forms in the magma when it's underground. These so-called orthopyroxene crystals can be magnesium-rich or iron-rich, and their chemical qualities depend on the magma around them how hot it is, how much water or how many gas bubbles it contains, what sort of pressure the molten rock is under, and what the magma is made out of in the first place.


Nashville, TN

#53039 May 24, 2012

"Crystals are a bit like a book: If you know your alphabet you can read the book," said volcanologist Kate Saunders of the University of Bristol in England, who led the study. "They provide a record for what happens. If we know what to look for and how to read them, we can work out the processes that formed the magma and how long it took these processes to occur."

The crystals in this case are typically about 100 to 500 microns in diameter, roughly the thickness of a human hair. They form what look like tree rings, and just as tree rings can tell ecologists what the environment was like, the differences in these tiny mineral rings can tell scientists about the surrounding magma.

If scientists saw a magnesium-rich deposit in the crystal, for example, it was likely there had been a fresh charge of new magma into the reservoir within the volcano. An iron-rich layer could indicate that gas and vapor trapped in the magma had begun escaping. Both of these scenarios are thought to trigger the earthquakes that precede eruptions.

The researchers used electron microscopy to examine 98 crystals and cross-checked the tiny changes in the crystals with the series of volcano-related earthquakes that occurred between 1980 and 1986. They found that the rate of crystal formation seemed to peak around the time the earthquakes began occurring earthquakes that often preceded the eruptions by several weeks.

"I didn't expect it to fit so nicely," Saunders said. "It's just remarkable."

With current technology, there's no easy way to sample underground magma in real time to look for signs of imminent eruptions, Bachmann pointed out. But finding a way to tell when a volcano is likely to explode remains the ultimate goal, she said.
"If we can find a certain chemical signature that definitely heralds an eruption and we can see that also in a monitoring signal, that would be the Holy Grail," Saunders said.

Wish Hicky was still posting. Long story, but very interesting. Way over the trolls heads. Mommy's not even around to "splain" it to them. hahahaha

Since: Sep 11

Scottsville, KY

#53041 May 24, 2012
Not Ancient Wolf wrote:
WOW "that guy" is still gunning for topmod of the century I see.
Oh well-
@wolf- My PC is a quad core, shouldn't it handle several tabs and tasks easily?
Almost EVERY time I open a topix page the stupid thing shows a message page informing me that my shock wave player has crashed.
Its making me wonder how safe topix is for a PC.
I have the latest Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software installed....what do you think? Topix may be causing the crashes some way?
You don't have any anti-virus. You probably got a virus from all the links posted on here. Try Avast for free...

Nashville, TN

#53042 May 24, 2012
Earthquake Report

Magnitude: 2.2

Magnitude: 3.4

Alaska - 6 total
Magnitude: 4.6

Hawaii - 4 total
Magnitude: 2.3

California - 3 total
Magnitude: 2.2

U.S. Virgin Islands - 4 total
Magnitude: 3.2

Sweden - 9 total I have never seen Sweden on this map
Magnitude: 6.5

New Zealand - 5 total
Magnitude: 5.2

Argentina - 2 total
Magnitude: 5.2

India - 2 total
Magnitude: 5.0

Japan - 2 total
Magnitude: 4.8

Saudi Arabia neve have seen Saudi Arabia on there either
Magnitude: 4.5

Turkey, Greece, Italy, Chile, Canada, Puerto Rico, Albania, and Russia had and still have earthquakes.

Don't bother trolls you wouldn't understand it if the Madrid Fault swallowed you up. Knock yourselves out.

Nashville, TN

#53043 May 24, 2012
una's new job as pookeeper..hahahaha

Zookeeper intent on duty licks monkey's butt to help it poo

A devoted monkey caretaker at the Wuhan Zoo in China will do just about anything to keep his precious primates happy. Earlier this month, Zhang Bangshen noticed that one of the monkeys under his charge, a rare 3-month-old Francois' langur, also known as a leaf monkey, had indigestion. The problem started when a tourist tossed a peanut to the tiny toothless creature, who swallowed it whole. To get the monkey to defecate, Bangsheng washed its buttocks and then began to lick its rear end. This went on for more than an hour, until the monkey expelled the offending peanut. Bangshen reported laughed with satisfaction after his strategy worked.

hahaha, soon as I seen this I thought of these trolls and their leader. Perfect job for him. lol

Nashville, TN

#53044 May 24, 2012
May 25, 2012

Mars Rover Opportunity catches its own late-afternoon shadow in a view eastward across Endeavour Crater on Mars.

Photo: NASA
Even robots like to have fun. NASA's rover on Mars showed off its playful side by snapping a picture of its own shadow. It's the latest self-portrait since the rover, named Opportunity, landed on the red planet in 2004.

The photo was taken in March and NASA released it this week. The solar-powered, six-wheel rover was at an outcrop on the rim of a massive crater. The late afternoon sun set the crater aglow and Opportunity waited for just the right lighting to send a postcard back to Earth.

The result was a dramatic view of Opportunity casting a shadow with the crater in the background.
Advertisement: Story continues below
After nearly five months in one spot, the tireless rover is rolling again to explore more rocks.
Its twin, Spirit, stopped communicating in 2010.

Read more:

Nashville, TN

#53045 May 25, 2012
Wow the topix mods have been busy today and I post all of my news and teenyweenie pony comes on and wham there goes one of his or his crew's post removed.

We have past the 53,000+'s post that were removed were:

#529887-#52990 REMOVED
53009 removed

#53040 above, inbetween all my post and the 3rd shift troll. None of my post were removed....guess that leaves the troll. Just too funny pumping this site up, keeping way above all the other rand/paul sites. hahaha

Nashville, TN

#53046 May 25, 2012
Okay, I am calling it a night/morning and enjoying the thoughts of what's to come tomorrow as I hit my pillow. But before I go...let me post ONE more GODvine and since it is Memorial Weekend I post this one and the video below honoring our Veteran's. To all Vets: THANK YOU.

A strong father-daughter bond is unbreakable. Thank God for this man's return home and for such a beautiful moment. ♥

Soldier Comes Home and Meets his Daughter for the First Time

So tearful and beautiful to see this video and heartwarming reunion. Just watch from start to finish as the anticipation builds and then they finally meet each other. Great moment!

Memorial Day Tribute

This little girl is a doll baby and makes me think of Leona, almost a year old and how sweet her little face was the last we seen her. I wish Daddy would pop on or email us an update. I know he is busy at that prison job he worked hard for. So I hope you all have a great Friday and Memorable Memorial Weekend, stay safe, and honor your Veterans. Good night all, except the Sewer Trolls.

Charlotte, MI

#53047 May 25, 2012
Glad to see A believer is keeping the faith in the twilight hours.

Not that I believe in God and the Devil and such things but if you are one to take that leap of faith then it seems logical that you would believe that the internet trolls are driven by the devil. Their only enjoyment in life is to torment decent folk trying to have a civil conversation.

The trolls are like Dr. Evil to our Batman. In other words, they are the comical idiocy of the three stooges to our Shakespeare.

Good night, yall.

PS. My apologies to the three stooges for associating them with the Trolls.
William H Walker

Scottsville, KY

#53048 May 25, 2012
Well this is risky as hell. South end of Scottsville, looking up. No less than six instances of strange lights moving across the sky. Five were way up there, one not so high. The one was very strange. Visible 10 or 15 seconds then faded completely. All seen between 2200 and 2300. Two of us were watching. But I'll bet others saw the last one.

P.S. I'm alcohol and drug free.
Ancient Wolf

Nicholasville, KY

#53049 May 25, 2012
owl wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm surprised that you still even read their posts, and even more surprised that you respond to them.
I don't read them all or respond to some that I do read. But some are so off the wall, that I make a statement. All this business about going to Church then acting as he does and then trying to tell others how to live.... JUST PLAIN STUPID
William H Walker

Scottsville, KY

#53050 May 25, 2012
Ancient Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't read them all or respond to some that I do read. But some are so off the wall, that I make a statement. All this business about going to Church then acting as he does and then trying to tell others how to live.... JUST PLAIN STUPID
How's it goin Wolf?
Ancient Wolf

Nicholasville, KY

#53051 May 25, 2012
Not Ancient Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>I know you have a long background as an IT person......
Would you have any idea of why almost every time I log on to topix my shock-wave player crashes sir?
Could it have something to do with all of the pop up adds or whatever they are called? This has happened more than a few times, usually while I am listening to music on another tab and log on to topix. Your take on this would be greatly appreciated.
Just wondering.
yes, it could very well have to do with pop-up ads and other things going on at the same time, such as your music. While your machine can multi-task, it is much like the old adage "He can't walk and chew gum at the same time".

Music (in particular) requires a lot of resources and many things must operate in the background that is not even visible to you. My take is that it is simply overload and the software and hardware are just stopping to catch their breath and sometimes can even lose track of where they are and quit ot crash.
Ancient Wolf

Nicholasville, KY

#53052 May 25, 2012
We tore up Old Mangey Wolf and his lady friends playhouse. His little tea set was so cute we didn't bother it, but if he doesn't stop sassing me I'm going to break it. I know that's harsh, but he is going to have to stop his back talking and fly right.
Bring it on.
Ancient Wolf

Nicholasville, KY

#53053 May 25, 2012
William H Walker wrote:
<quoted text>How's it goin Wolf?
Doing fine, thank you for asking. I finished a 2 year project yesterday and it sure is nice seeing light at the end of the tunnel and it not be an oncoming train.
William H Walker

Scottsville, KY

#53054 May 25, 2012
Good deal, Congrats! If you ever see Blueminer posting that would be me. I'm curious did you read my post of Winston Churchill quotes. I was hoping people would enjoy reading them.
Ancient Wolf

Nicholasville, KY

#53056 May 25, 2012
William H Walker wrote:
Good deal, Congrats! If you ever see Blueminer posting that would be me. I'm curious did you read my post of Winston Churchill quotes. I was hoping people would enjoy reading them.
Yes, I did read those. I do skip a lot of the longer posts, but Winston's words of wisdom are well worth revisiting. Thanks.

Saint Louis, MO

#53057 May 25, 2012
Yeah that IS really weird I think they said these come from bad downdrafts or something weather related. Not UFOs people.

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