I was in the courtroom. The victim and family showed up over an 1 hour late with scripted letters and crying in cue. This is a hospital lawsuit case all day long. Radford took the plea deal on the advice of the Micheal Testa group his defense lawyer. If you have a small chance of losing, sexual offender registration follows the innocent wrongly convicted as well as the rightly convicted. This alledged incident occurred on bridgton's behavioral health which is a locked unit with the worst teenages South Jersey has not imprisoned yet. They lie all the time. Did I mention these two teens were best friends and mother of the second teen admitted to strong possibility of her daughter was lying about event. The state puts 20-30 years imprisonment and lifetime sexual offender registration then offers a deal of no time no registration. If the state had no case why was this accusation in court in the first place. Would put your life in the hands of 12 people or take the state offer of no time? This is not court tv.