Is This Excessive Force ? Do You Know This Person?

This video was sent to me, taken from this weekend (12/09/12) in downtown Clematis, West Palm Beach, Florida. If anybody knows the young man in the video, I hope this will aid him in some way. At the very least it should be a reminder that all eyes are watching and that cameras are not only exclusive to authorities. It is up to every individual in society to keep a vigilant eye and hold our trusted public servants accountable. If we are to maintain a peaceful society, we cannot enforce the law by using thuggery and violence.

Man Shot to Death by Police at My Apartment Complex in Walnut Creek, CA
This happened a couple days ago. A man described as gentle and quiet was shot to death following a 911 call at 3 AM. They still won’t say what weapon he was brandishing or how many cops were involved. A couple different reporters tried to get my side of the story, but I honestly heard [...]

Cops Off the Hook for Death of Teen They Shot

(CN)- A federal judge refused to hold police officers liable for the death of a teenager whom they handcuffed and left facedown in the mud after shooting him.

# Loudoun Co, VA sheriff's deputy charged w misdemeanor assault & battery & strangling another causing wounding or injury

# Albemarle Co, VA officer arrested and charged with embezzlement of public funds; he resigned

# Henry Co, GA arrested and charged with domestic battery and two counts of cruelty to children

# Seattle, WA protester who was arrested files suit-video shows police lied; officer said protester cursed at, punched

# Fort Lee, NJ teen who was left locked for hrs in police van filed civil rights suit against town, PD & several officers

# Philadelphia, PA court docs say Dep. Cmsr had aide browse pics of PD's female officers, met those he was interested in

# Sedgwick Co, KS officer charged w ~12 sex crimes against inmates; from felony sodomy to misdemeanor sexual battery

# Cumberland, KY officer finds him self behind bars, accused of stealing from the dpt; charged w theft by unlawful taking

# Gainesville, GA jailer charged w excessive force; punched unruly inmate in head after he was under control & handcuffed

Texas Man Arrested For Filming Cop, Police Report Lies About Reason For Arrest

Alice Texas Man Arrested For Recording Cop Nick Juarez - Police Report Lies About Reason For Arrest

The cop didn't want the video to "end up on Youtube," so he harassed and arrested the man for filming him. Enjoy the video in all its glory via Youtube.

Hurst Police Officer Won't Face Criminal Charges Over "Move and F**kin' Die"

13 Year Old Canadian Boy Arrested for Posting Online Video of Two Teenage Girls Fighting
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