BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen...

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider Friday whether to take up a lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama 's U.S. citizenship, a continuation of a New Jersey case embraced by some opponents of Obama's ... Full Story
American Lady

Danville, KY

#98098 Aug 8, 2012
Tried to ban comment, and warned me of iT....
NOW words ALL scrunched UP!

Didn't work.....
American Lady

Danville, KY

#98099 Aug 8, 2012
Conservative girl wrote:
<quoted text>Lady you protest too much for that not to be a given. You are just a Liberals shill playing the judicial montra to deflect from Obama failure to lead this country out of economic
He is bad for America, and intent on further destroying America's standing in the world through his economic social justice redistribution of America's wealth.
Obama's non Constitutionality natural born citizen status is a subject for future resolve once he is gone. For you know as well as I, that nothing will be done to right this wrong until he is gone.
Lady? She "ain't NO lady....
tuna fish is s/he/it's name.... ;-)

Spokane, WA

#98100 Aug 8, 2012
Ellen1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Who cares what you want. No president has ever shown such data, nor any presidential candidates. Obama does not have to, and he shouldn't show it just to make a few birthers happy. However, if Romney either shows his tax returns or his college documents (or both, of course), then Obama should do the same. But not till then. And he still does not have to.
No president has ever been such a blatant fraud. If Obama is not a fraud then he should produce his birth certificate and any school records that would verify that he is legitimate.
American Lady

Danville, KY

#98101 Aug 8, 2012
LRS wrote:
<quoted text>
One thing that Holly's case did confirm for me was that drug cartels are and have been moving into our State Parks. Tennessee and Kentucky are perfect regions for this; along with others obviously.
YePPerZ, and through the "honor" system Napolitano & Co. put in, in the State Park out West, can't remember the name. Terrorists are "known" to be coming in! Here is about the cops protecting US!

Police have no legal duty to respond and prevent crime or protect the victim. There have BEEN OVER 10 various supreme and state court cases the individual has never won. Notably, the Supreme Court STATED about the responsibility of police for the security of your family and loved ones is "You, and only you, are responsible for your security and the security of your family and loved ones. That was the essence of a U.S. Supreme Court decision in the early 1980's when they ruled that the police do not have a duty to protect you as an individual, but to protect society as a whole."

"It is well-settled fact of American law that the police have no legal duty to protect any individual citizen from crime, even if the citizen has received death threats and the police have "negligently" failed to provide protection."


On June 27, in the case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, the Supreme Court found that Jessica Gonzales did not have a constitutional right to individual police protection even in the presence of a restraining order. Mrs. Gonzales' husband with a track record of violence, stabbing Mrs. Gonzales to death, Mrs. Gonzales' family could not get the Supreme Court to change their unanimous decision for one's individual protection. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN FOLKS AND GOVERNMENT BODIES ARE REFUSING TO PASS THE Safety Ordinance.

(1) Richard W. Stevens. 1999. Dial 911 and Die. Hartford, Wisconsin: Mazel Freedom Press.

(2) Barillari v. City of Milwaukee, 533 N.W.2d 759 (Wis. 1995).

(3) Bowers v. DeVito, 686 F.2d 616 (7th Cir. 1982).

(4) DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services, 489 U.S. 189 (1989).

(5) Ford v. Town of Grafton, 693 N.E.2d 1047 (Mass. App. 1998).

(6) Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. 1981).
"...a government and its agencies are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen..." -Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. App. 1981)

(7) "What makes the City's position particularly difficult to understand is that, in conformity to the dictates of the law, Linda did not carry any weapon for self-defense. Thus by a rather bitter irony she was required to rely for protection on the City of NY which now denies all responsibility to her."
Riss v. New York, 22 N.Y.2d 579,293 N.Y.S.2d 897, 240 N.E.2d 806 (1958).

(8) "Law enforcement agencies and personnel have no duty to protect individuals from the criminal acts of others; instead their duty is to preserve the peace and arrest law breakers for the protection of the general public."
Lynch v. N.C. Dept. of Justice, 376 S.E. 2nd 247 (N.C. App. 1989)
Richard Stevens is a lawyer in Washington, D.C., and author of Dial 911 and Die (Mazel Freedom Press, 1999).

Underlying all “gun control” ideology is this one belief.”“Private citizens don’t need firearms because the police will protect them from crime.”

That belief is both false and dangerous...

* No Duty to Protect
* Police Advice:“Get a Gun”
* Laying Bare the State Protection Myth

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#98102 Aug 8, 2012
I know how you Libtards claim that you are for the "little people" when in fact you are only looking out for union workers. And this was very obvious when the GM and Delphi i bankruptcies. The took care of the GM union workers very, very well but 20,000 Delphi workers lost everything in their pension plans.
And we are not talking about 20,000 upper management but secretaries, financial and payroll clerks, and normal low level engineers and fabricators.
&fe ature=player_embedded
The Bank and S&L Debacle of the early 1990s was caused when the DEMOCRAT controlled Congress changed banking laws mid-stream and this, not G.H.W. Bush, caused all these banks and S&Ls to close. They subsequently sue the US government and recovered from us US TAXPAYERS a half trillion dollar$.
Now the 20,000 Delphi employees, who unlawfully lost their pensions in rhe GM and Delphi bankruptcies, are suing the US TAXPAYERS for $450 million dollar$(that is almost a half trillion dollar$) and probably will get it after Obama leaves office and you Libtards will blame it all on ..... Mitt Romney!!!
Yep, you Libtards are all for the little people ..... so long as they are over paid union workers and to hell with everyone else!!!
Grand Birther

Charleston, WV

#98104 Aug 8, 2012
no one listen to your stupid points of all bad by Obama.

Where are Mitt's tax's...Harry Reid used Romney good.

bottom line as a Middle class person...Obama is better for me.

Romney has tax shelters, off shore money, and is in a cult.
American Lady

Danville, KY

#98105 Aug 8, 2012
The Stranger Among Us

A few years before I was born, my Dad met a stranger who was new to our small town. From the beginning, Dad was fascinated with this enchanting newcomer and soon invited him to live with our family. The stranger was quickly accepted and was around from then on.

As I grew up, I never questioned his place in my family. In my young mind, he had a special niche. My parents were complementary instructors: Mom taught me good from evil, and Dad taught me to obey. But the stranger... He was our storyteller. He would keep us spellbound for hours on end with adventures, mysteries and comedies.

If I wanted to know anything about politics, history or science, he always knew the answers about the past, understood the present and even seemed able to predict the future! He took my family to the first major league ball game. He made me laugh, and he made me cry. The stranger never stopped talking, but Dad didn't seem to mind.

Sometimes, Mom would get up quietly while the rest of us were shushing each other to listen to what he had to say, and she would go to the kitchen for peace and quiet.
(I wonder now if she ever prayed for the stranger to leave.)

Dad ruled our household with certain moral convictions, but the stranger never felt obligated to honor them. Profanity, for example, was not allowed in our home - not from us, our friends or any visitors. After our long time visitor stayed longer he became more daring however, and even got away with four-letter words that burned my ears and made my dad squirm and my mother blush. My Dad didn't permit the liberal use of alcohol but the stranger encouraged us to try it on a regular basis. He made cigarettes look cool, cigars manly, and pipes distinguished. He talked freely (much too freely!) about sex. His comments were sometimes blatant, sometimes suggestive, and generally embarrassing..

I now know that my early concepts about relationships were influenced strongly by the stranger. Time after time, he opposed the values of my parents, yet he was seldom rebuked... And NEVER asked to leave.

More than fifty years have passed since the stranger moved in with our family. He has blended right in and is not nearly as fascinating as he was at first. Still, if you could walk into my parents' den today, you would still find him sitting over in his corner, waiting for someone to listen to him talk and watch him draw his pictures.

His name?....

We just call him 'TV.'
He has a wife now....we call her 'Computer.'
Their first child is "Cell Phone".
Second child was named "I Pod "
Third child is Video Games

By the time Mom was pregnant again, TV had lost ALL morals, and wanted Mom to have an abortion...

Now "atheism" and NO moral values has taken over TV's mind....Drugs passed by FDA help none...
Going crazy...and taking his caretakers with him.

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#98106 Aug 8, 2012
Just like motor vehicles, aircraft pay fuel taxes which are suppose to pay for runways, ATC and flight following services but Obama wants an addition $100 fee to file a flight plan and it does not matter how big or small the plane is.
So, a little Cessna which uses $90 worth of fuel on a trip will have to pay the same $100 fee as a Boeing 747 which uses thousands of dollars of fuel per hour. That is like a motorcycle paying the same toll as an 18-wheeler to cross the GW Bridge going into NYC. The last I knew motorcycles paid $1 to use the bridge while a car paid $10 and a big rig paid $30.
It is obvious that Obama has contempt for private planes but people in Alaska use private plans as their SUVs.
Yep, Obama cares about the little people.

To stop the $100-Per-Flight general aviation user fee proposal now on the table in Washington, D.C., I need your name on our Official AOPA Petition to Congress.

This user fee was first proposed by the President in his 2013 budget. So far, we've been able to hold the line and stop it. But with national elections coming up in November, now is the time for Congress to hear your voice.

That's why I'm urging you to join AOPA today. By joining now, you can automatically add your name to our Petition, tell Congress where you stand, and give AOPA a fighting chance to stop user fees before they destroy general aviation and YOUR freedom to fly!

When you join, you'll gain access to our extraordinary benefits package that no pilot should be without, including:
AOPA Pilot magazine – the world's most popular flying publication!
Online safety courses and quizzes available 24/7 – Counts toward FAA WINGS!
Membership card and decal for your car or truck.
AOPA Pilot Information Center – Talk to an aviation expert about any aircraft, medical or flight operations issue.
TFR email alerts that could save your Certificate.
Exclusive FlyQ app. Powered by Seattle Avionics – WX, flight planning, AF/D info, VFR/IFR filing, and more.
Powerful representation in Washington, D.C. to defend your freedom to fly!

Thanks for fighting back, and welcome to AOPA!

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#98108 Aug 8, 2012
Grand Birther wrote:
no one listen to your stupid points of all bad by Obama.
Where are Mitt's tax's...Harry Reid used Romney good.
bottom line as a Middle class person...Obama is better for me.
Romney has tax shelters, off shore money, and is in a cult.
But the rich Democrats like John F-up Kerry do not use the tax codes for their benefit?
Oh, and if Mitt Romney has not paid all his taxes, why isn't the IRS going after him?

Spokane, WA

#98109 Aug 8, 2012
Grand Birther wrote:
no one listen to your stupid points of all bad by Obama.
Where are Mitt's tax's...Harry Reid used Romney good.
bottom line as a Middle class person...Obama is better for me.
Romney has tax shelters, off shore money, and is in a cult.
Obama took hundreds of thousand of dollars in tax deductions,how does that make him better? Barack Obama,Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are are all multi millionaires, and The Clinton's are richer that Romney. Quit being a hypocrite.

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#98110 Aug 8, 2012
Fox News Flash; the Greeks have dropped off using their cars by ...40%.... and now there is a shortage of bicycles. Yuk yuk yuk! They should ride goats.... from behind!

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#98111 Aug 8, 2012
Terri Tanna wrote:
<quoted text>
Please review the transcript and show any EVIDENTIARY FACT that was produced by Ms. Taitz that was relevant to her ad damnum:
You suggest that I am pro-Obama, and yet you (and your ilk) have failed to produce ANY POST of mine in which I defend your president.
Well Tootsie, it is obvious that Judge Malili was not Representing the State of Georgia but was representing Pres. Obama. Pres. Obama ignored the hearing and as such had no legal representative. The judge should have stopped the hearing and made a default finding to the petitioners.
If someone sue you and you do not show up in court, what is most likely to happen?

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#98112 Aug 8, 2012
Terri Tanna wrote:
<quoted text>
Why are you too stupid and uneducated to show the role of any state-issued birth document in the Constitution or any statute dealing with presidential eligility.
Well Tootsie, Obama has yet to show a legal Hawaiian Birther Certificate!
American Lady

Danville, KY

#98114 Aug 8, 2012
Here's something GOOD that came "out of Canada"....

My Heart Will Go On
&fe ature=relmfu

It's All Coming Back To Me Now

I Drove All Night


Since: May 10

Location hidden

#98115 Aug 8, 2012
Rogue Scholar 05 wrote:
<quoted text>
4) I address the alcohol in aviation fuel in another posting. The water that is suspends will freeze and clog the fuel system. If you are in a car and your engine quits, you park on the side of the road. If you are in a plane and your engine quits, you do NOT park on a cloud!!!
Justus Liebig wrote:
<quoted text>
You actually made a fool of yourself thinking jet fuel synthesized from isobutanol contained added alcohol, "endangering" our military. Dastardly Dems!
Do you remember putting your foot in your mouth?
Hey Toad Stool, I was talking about aviation grade gasoline, not jet fuel. Many gasoline powered planes have STCs, Supplemental Type Certificates, that allow them to us Auto Gas instead of Av Gas. But everyone of the STCs prohibited Auto Gas that has any alcohol in it!!!
To the best of my knowledge, Cessna 150s are not powered by jet engines!!!
Oh, you can gate none-aviation grade gasoline w/o alcohol in it.
People with older boat engines try and avoid gasoline with alcohol so pilots whose planes have a Auto Gas STC usually go to places that sell ..... boat gasoline.

“zero nuclear weapons”

Since: Sep 08


#98116 Aug 8, 2012
American Lady wrote:
<quoted text>
Which one is that?
Isn't there where all birthers come from???????

“zero nuclear weapons”

Since: Sep 08


#98117 Aug 8, 2012
The Birthers have picked there theme song which they want to rally behind. It fits them to a tee.
American Lady

Danville, KY

#98118 Aug 8, 2012
nebka wrote:
<quoted text>
Isn't there where all birthers come from???????
Nah...that's where you live....

“Facts trump speculation”

Since: Dec 08

Bristol, CT

#98120 Aug 8, 2012
Ronald wrote:
<quoted text>

"Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire." (Jude 1:7)

"Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy."
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#98121 Aug 8, 2012
Justus Liebig wrote:
<quoted text>
Totally ignorant.
Basic research is too expensive for private industry.
Basic research is responsible for elucidation of DNA, for PCR reaction (think DNA testing), combinatorial chemistry (which revolutionized drug discovery in the pharma industry), etc., etc., etc. Big pharma is getting into personalized medicine based on genomics, which got started as subject of basic research.
Applied research builds on basic research. There is innovation in applied research in both industry and academe.
Does Rouge have a clue how many professors are founders of startups?
Every time Rouge opens his mouth he makes an ignorant fool of himself. He thinks, because he understands that water in ethanol may freeze in a gasoline or jet fuel blend at low temperature, that he understands science.
Total jagoff.
You write "totally ignorant" and then proceed to advance exactly what I wrote. No comment.

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