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By Dwight Baker
March 11, 2012
Gas Well Pad Slip Shuts Down Road
March 10, 2012
By MIRANDA STOKES For The Intelligencer , The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register


Members of the Ries family of St. Joseph Settlement said they have been virtually trapped in their home since Thursday morning, after a portion of a Chesapeake Energy natural gas drilling well pad slipped downhill onto their driveway.

The Rieses contacted Chesapeake Energy's senior field representative, Mike Morgan, who they said has yet to tell them when the slip will be repaired. Cecilia added there was a small slip about a month ago, and Chesapeake has known the Barnett Well Pad has been slipping.

The Rieses have requested compensation for lost wages and for damages to their ATV. They said Chesapeake told them the company will not compensate for such losses.

Stacey Brodak, senior director of corporate development with Chesapeake Energy, said crews are working to repair the slip.

"We are working diligently to clear debris and have been in near constant communication with the family to assist with their needs," she said. "Our work has been restricted to daylight hours at the landowner's request. Temporary road access and phone service were restored the same day as the event. Our plans call for permanent access to be restored by the end of the week. We will continue to work with the Ries family on a resolution."
Oil and Gas exploration is like old time gold and silver prospecting. And to add those that do that kind of work today are a fall back to those that have proceeded doing prospecting work.

Meaning the job at hand is pushed to the limit of human and Mother Nature endurance. WHY because the BIG BOSS says so.

But today as in Penn. many are looking on and in because gross inequities have been done causing an alarm to all as in this case. So who is at fault looks to me like maybe Mother Nature will get the blame.

But what is worse for me is the double talk that is consistent with Big Oil and Gas today. Telling the truth of things goes way beyond what the company lawyers will allow.