April 23 - May 1, 2011 - Florida Volleyball Tournament/Vacation!

For those interested in some warm weather, hot sun, beautiful white sand beaches, very fun beach volleyball tournament (2's and/or 4's) and great accommodations..
We're organizing and have already booked a gorgeous Villa in Florida for the Emerald Coast Volleyball Week Fudpucker's tournament in Fort Walton/Destin.

Accommodations Include (Transportation is NOT included)
-7 Bedrooms
-Room for 24 guests ~10 spaces left!!
-8 Baths
-Breakfast/Dinner (Lunch is not included as we anticipate not being in the house during the daytime)
-Private Pool w/Jacuzzi Tub and swim-up bar
-Billiard & Foosball Tables
-Large screen LCD TV's, Wet bar & lots of seating for eating/resting.
-Ocean View and steps to the beach
-Tonz of Entertainment, 10 mins from nightclubs 20 mins from the Fuds.

Only $600 for Food/Accommodation

Drive or Fly, it's up to you.. But we'll be organizing some groups to head down together. Tournament Fee(s) are separate and we'll help you find a team/partner if required.

$20 US per player for the each 2's daily tournament (Wed-Fri)
$70 US per player for the 4's tournament (Sat-Sun)
See Website for more details:

If you're interested in joining us and you are preferably between the ages of 25-40 (not limited to), mature but love to party/have a good time..
Visit our event page on FACEBOOK to see pics and more info:
http://www.facebook.com/home.php #!/event.php?eid=1151326652115 61