This is the most under acheiving team that I can remember the Cardinals putting on the field. When is Larussa going to be held accountable? He has been given enormously talented teams since he has been here but his post season record is abysmal.
It is the manager's job to get the most potential out of his players. This team is miserable on fundamentals and equally as bad on defense. I get tired of hearing how many games that he has won. It seems that those who mention his wins are unaware that he has lost almost as many as he has won over his career which is pathetic when you consider the talent that he has managed over those years. It is quite possible that this years Cardinal team will have the MVP (Pujols), the Cy Young winner (Wainrite) and the rookie of the year (Garcia) and not even make the playoffs! What a testimony to the failure of the manager. Cardinal ownership seems blind to all of this. Larussa is living off of his reputation, not his record. It's time to "Dump the Grump" and let Jose Oquendo have a well deserved shot at managing this team.