A lot of ignorant jerks are predicting that the Mets will finish last and so forth but hold on there.....Look at what has happened in the New York sports scene in 2012: The New York football Giants miracle run to a Super Bowl win; the Knicks Jeremy Lin and his great play as of late and the fantastic season that the Wagner College men's hoops team is having with over 20 wins (two season's ago they only won 5 games). Plus the last time I checked, Major League Baseball is NOT pro wrestling or the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant so on this 50th anniversary of the Mets which will be bitter sweet due to the passing of Gary Carter; the Mets could WIN THE 2012 WORLD SERIES. THe Braves may NOT recover from their epic late season collapse; THe Marlins despite getting Reyes, Burhle and Bell plus a new stadium have that wacko mgr Ozzie Guillen who can be like Ozzy Osbourne rather than Ozzie Nelson; The Phillies who stilll are the M*A*S*H* unit of the NL and the Nationals who are thinking of bringing up 19 yr old Bryce Harper who could wind up being the next Angelica Pickles instead of the next Willie Mays. SO IN CONCLUSION: LETS GO METS!