It is proper and known that AAA is not about winning so much as it is about player development. However, the present Clippers' configurations are not featuring personnel in their best positions.

This is partly because of needs at the varsity level. Donald's RH bat as a platoon option for either Chisenhall or Hannahan is one example. He's surely better than Phelps at SS, but the latter is presumably grooming to become an MLB super-utility guy.

This being acknowledged, the infield should be Phelps, Kipnis, Donald and Chisenhall from 1b to 3b, with a veteran RH bat found to job-share 3b with Hannahan in Cleveland. McBride catches. Goedert's the DH. Occasional rotating is done using the DH slot to partially rest players while testing others at alternative spots.

This would put both the Clips and the prospects into positions to succeed. Then again, that's not what AAA is about.