actually ; the real problem "is the tiger bull-pen"
rodney / "the detroit lyon" / minor / seay /; "what a bunch of pathetic bum"s they are!!
i can"t understand how "the big dumbrowski" can expect to be nothing but "pathetic' "like ford"s lion"s with a relief crew that thet currently have
the tiger reliever"s give out more gift"s [ in the form of win"s ; to the other team ] then "santa at christmas
the tiger"s need to give "the whole relief staff" a one way ticket"to the lakeland "instructional league"
how many time"s has the relief crew "snatched defeat from "the jaw"s of victory"?
how many time"s "has that pathetic bunch of bum"s "blown a lead" or blown a tie game?
it"s time for; illich "the big dumbrowski" and leyland to realize "the bum"s in the bull-pen"probably cost the tiger"s 30-40 victory"s
wake up & smell the coffee "dumbrowski"