Hi ya folks, need some advice please, thing is I run a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 petrol, as much as I luv me Jeep its a tad juicy ! Ive gotta 98 Spectrum 620 n we dont tow a long way, not outta East Anglia ta be honest, the Jeep pulls our van easy peasy n like I said I do really really luv it, n Im not stupid enuff to think Im gonna get good MPG out of a 4000 ltr petrol but with the way things are fa every body Id like a bit more economy !? Its not even so much when were towing, its the day ta day runnin about. Ive been lookin for some thing a bit more economical but on my low budget (2000/2500) im findin it real hard ta find some thing, with enuff extra mpg ta bother changin, as nice as me Jeep that is. Most Discos are well tired, most other 4x4s dont give a lot more mpg, well not enuff ta change, BUT Ive been lookin at, n this is a complete change here ! the Mercedes E320 Diesel Saloons ? from what I can work out on the web they return amazin MPG (well amazin fa what they are n miles better than me Jeep !) n according to the figures I worked out, there with in the legal limits ta tow my Spectrum, I think !?
Im a farmers son so Ive towed all sorts of stuff n have been a truck driver most of my workin life so without sounding big headed, I hav a bit of experience !
I jus wunded if any1 out there could tell me what they think about this or if ya knw some1 towing a big twin axle van with a Merc E320 ?
Hope ta hear frm some1 some time, fingers X'd
Cheers4now !