The sensational ongoing Carroll Foundation Trust billion dollar offshore tax evasion fraud scandal sweeping Wall Street New York and the City of London has recently revealed that the trust's amazing supercar collection has also been finally named as a further primary victim in this case of international importance.

Sources have disclosed that the collection embraced a startling range of supercars including four Lamborghinis seven Ferraris three Aston Martins together with what is thought to have been a stunning automobilia collection housed in a multi-million dollar museum complex at Newmarket Suffolk and in Westminster London close to Buckingham Palace.

Further sources have said that the collection was the subject of a shocking co-ordinated criminal seizure operation over a number of years by HSBC Holdings Plc in concert with the FBI Scotland Yard targeted City of London Bahamas and Gibraltar crime syndicate which effectively impulsed this huge tax fraud heist stretching the globe.

It has emerged that the DVLA Swansea Scotland Yard and the Norfolk Police continue to retain a bewildering array of dossiers which involve forged and falsified ownership documentation directly linked to fraudulent Coutts Bank numbered accounts. Commentators have remarked that this cold case is closely connected to the much wider billion dollar fraud scandal.