Street artist (grafftiest) Banksy from Bristol, UK has an "artist" he "discovered" having an art exhibition of his own opening in London, UK. Mr Thierry Guetta aka Mr Brainwash first drew attention when halfway through the filming of the doumentary movie "Exit through the gift shop" Banksy turned the camara onto ametiur film maker Guetta who became an overnight star of the Los Angelos art scene. He has no real art background and many say no real talent. His claim to fame previously was having a famous cousin whose a french street artist. This Guetta is a vintage clothes store manager which is where he held his first exhibitions under the name of "Mr Brainwash". He attended the oscars for the nomination of the film but Banksy was absent, leading some to speculate they are one and the same. So far he has designed an album cover for Madonna and worked with the Red hot chilli peppers. His "art" is described as being in the style of "Jeff Koos" meets "Andy Warhol". As part of a show in London last year he had a "collector" buy half of his work. He said " there are things that happen in your life and you just have to be positive about it and you keep going." On the speculations he said " the movie brought a lot of questions" and he goes on to describe himself as "Banksy's biggest work of art". He is described as looking like a typical bohemian artist with paint splattered clothes, a beard and sunglasses (sounds like a disguies) which leads criticts to say he's a charasmatic frontman for a Banksy project. He is surrouneded by a team of talented artists who do lots of the work. To defend this he points out that "Damon Hirst" has "assistants" too, and the Eiffel tower was not built by one man whose name it claims but by many. Many of his "intallations" are too big for him alone to do. I suppose it depends on whether you perceive the Eiffel tower as art or an engineering project.
Is he a fraud? or is he genuine? a talentless celebrity? or a unique artist? And if not as he seems is it still art? Warhol often used "people" as his "art projects". Is Banksy even an artist or just a grafftiest?