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I was arrested for dui a few weeks ago and have "araignnet" in a few weeks? I research diversion, is that available forme?
my situation is that i just had a death in a family and was drinking and was pulled over by my house. I heard that diversion isnt automatic and there are different rules. I didnt blow and I didnt do FSE's, once he said i had red eyes and reeked of alcohol i said shut up and take me to jail. not my best moment, i just had a death in the family. If I get an attotrney, if I refused fses and refused to blow can i still get in diversion or am i not eligible. This is my first arrest ever! never been charged with a crime or ever been involved in the system
They are not consistent in Orange county. It is also expensive. You should go over your options with an experienced...
My son is in jail for habitual driving without a license because of DUI. What are the consequences?
He has DUIs and lost his license several years ago. He has not engaged a lawyer. He does not have any assets: No residence, no car, no money. He is almost 52. Is there anything he can do to start over?
He needs to either hire a private attorney (help from family?) or get the public defender. Driving with a suspended...
Do I still need an fr44?
I got a dui in September 2011, haven't been driving since. Would like to get my license again.
Dmv has been inconsistent on this issue. Go personally to either the Orlando or winter springs office of the bureau of...
I was arrested for DUI what is an interlock device?
my public defender said he worked out a nice plea deal that i havbe to take or i am going to jail, he is pressuring me into taking it. I told him i no longer have a vehicle, i live with my parents and they dont allow me to use there car, and he said my dad will have to get the interlock put on his car and im like why, he said i need the interlock because it was a refusal, i am a first time offender, and i do not want the interlock! is it required and what happens if i no longer have a car to put the interlock om
If you are taking diversion it is a requirement of the program in Orange county.
I was arrested for a DUI, if I get a "wt reckless" do I stoill ahve to pay for duie insurance?
arrested for dui, i think i can get a wet reckless, i wasnt drunk, i had alcohol spill on my clothes when a doucebag dropped his drink on me then i left to go home and change and go back to da club, but on my way home i was stopped for speeding and the cop smelled the alcohol and it was over.
This is a multi-part question as there are ways that insurance companies increase insurance premiums beyond SR-22 and...
Can I get a different evaluation for the florida dui attack class?
I was arrested for dui in August. It has since been resolved completely resulting in no criminal charges. I do realize that the dmv is a whole separate monster to deal with aside from the courts. At my evaluation at the dui counter attack class, I was reffered to a certified counselor for a second evaluation by an off duty probation officer ( with no formal psychiatric training). This was an upsetting evaluation in the first place, but I did realize that he wasn't a professional and that's why I was reffered to a professional second opinion. At my second evaluation, I was told I would be attending group sessions before I had even sat down, before any relevant conversation took place. I am not dependent on any drugs or alcohol. This Was clearly an unfair evaluation. what can I do?
I am unclear whether this was court ordered or DMV required? If court, you can certainly go back and ask the judge for...
What will happen if I fail a drug screen for dui counter attack mandated counciling?
I was arrested for dui in August, and went to and completed the dui counterattack school. I was reffered by the Florida safety council evaluator to outpatient counciling along with all 36 other people in my class. I went to the initial session with the third party counciler and before starting the evaluation, before I had even sat down, was told I would be attending group sessions. anyways, I have not attended the first group session, as it's scheduled for early jan. the dui was since reduced to a careless driving infraction (not reckless). The only other charge that was not dismissed was a possession of alcohol under 21, of which they withheld judifucation and no probation. What will happen if I fail a drug test for thc at the group session? can I get another evaluation that is fair?
Are you on probation? If you are then your probation can be violated. If you are not then your worst case scenario...