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How will IL DUI effect FL license?
I have a lawyer in IL who is unclear on how a sentence of court supervision will be handled in FL. Also when does the SOS report the statutory summary suspension to the FL DMV? I was arrested on 4/21 and as of to-date, my license is still valid.
Florida and IL are part of the Inter State Compact on Driver Licenses, which means that once a suspension is issued in...
Is refusing to take the breath test good or bad ? Can it help the defense ?
I am seeing so many mixed versions regarding this question. I understand if you refuse to blow it leads to an automatic 1 year suspension of a driver's license, at the DMV hearing . I assume that a prosecutor will have no facts to work with because all they can rely on is common phrases like bloodshot eyes, glossy , smell of alcohol, slurred speech from the affidavit of the arresting officer. So does refusing help to diminish some of the punishment in a DUI case ? For example , will the ignition interlock and substance abuse class still be required ?
Like anything els ein life and the law the answer to your question is "it depends". there are pluses and minuses...
Will police "fish" on a person after a DUI conviction ?
I have a friend who was charged with a DUI traffic offence in 2008, and did a pre trial diversion program. It is now 2015,and she has been pulled over many times by cops saying either the car's tail light was not working, or she failed to signal when turning. They obviously run her tag when they drive behind her. She knows that they are lying, but wants to catch them lying so that she could take the evidence to the local PD and sue the for harassment. Will she have a case if she can show proof somehow ? She wants to buy a dash cam recorder with sound, so that there will be video evidence. Will this work ? Also if she transfer's her car registration, into her business name, will it ease the ''fishing'' ?
I don't think so. Unless she drives a car that calls attention to it , the police have more important things to do.
Arrested for DUI - Called to do a new consular interview
Hello, I am Brazilian, I have US VISA and went to United States many times. However, the last time in 2012, an unfortunate event happened. I was arrested in Orlando,FL for charge of DUI - case No. 2012-CT-011484-AO. Paid bail and i was released. I went to court, declared me not guilty. A date in court has been marked, but I was not - had returned to Brazil due to my college and my work. Last week an employee of the US consulate in Brazil contacted me to schedule a new interview. What kind of procedure is that? What will happen? Thanks for the help and apologies for writing.
The circumstances and resulting disposition of the arrest will likely be reviewed along with a request for a certified...
Will my car insurance company look at the court record or DMV driving record to determine my rates.
If I win the DMV BAR hearing and they reinstate my license, will this mean that the DUI will not show on my driving record, thus preventing my insurance rates from going up? Do insurance companies look at both the court and DMV outcome. What do they base their decision on , the court or DMV. I am just confused.
In a word, yes. If you win DMV then nothing will be on your driving record. They base their decision on your driving...
How do I deal with old DUI charges from another state?
When I was 20 years old I was taken to jail and later bailed out on DUI and wreck less driving charges. I was leaving the state and left on bail this has been 13 years ago. How can I take care of the warrant?
Contact a criminal defense attorney in the county and state where you were originally charged. They may be able to take...
Is there anyway to drive for livelihood purposes during 18 month Hard suspension
I recently was Charged with a DUI, and unfortunately this is the second refusal to submit to testing I have on my record. I challenged the DMV suspension of my license at the formal review hearing and lost. I then filed petition for writ of certiorari which was denied. And finally I submitted a petition for rehearing. I have not received word back but I am doubtful that it will come back in my favor. Is there any other way that I could obtain some way to drive during this suspension period. I need to be able to work and it is impacting my ability to make money, further my career, and further my education. I am not trying to cheat the system, I just need a way to stay productive other than Florida's inefficient public transportation system.
Unfortunately I hink you are s.o.l. You should personally visit one of the B.A.R. Offices and speak to someone there...