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I have 2 DUI charges with serious bodily harm...
I am out on bail with 2 dui. both of the injured parties were my passengers. 1 was seriously injured and had to have surgery and is still, almost 3 weeks later, in the hospital. The other one was kept overnight in the hospital, treated, and released the next day with bruising and stitches. I am wondering if I will have to serve time for this. I blew a point 07 3 hours after my accident. I am hoping to maybe get probation but some things I have read are telling me that because of the serious injuries of one of the passengers, I may be facing jail time. This is my first offense.
All felonies in Florida are scored. The scoresheet also takes your prior record if any into account. Victim injury...
I was arrested for DUI a few weeks ago and currently looking for an attorney, I have a hardship license?
and was wodnering if I can goto the gym with the hardship license? I think its party of keeping me health,y and i thought you can do it and drive for medical reasons?
Only if you work there. Hardship is good for work, school, church, grocery, etc.
I refused to take a Breathalyzer test at the station because I didn't trust the arresting officer. What are my chances ?
I was pulled over at 2am in the morning for initially failing to stop at a stop sign of which I do not even breach. The offer was in the company of 2 other LEOs, and they all questioned me, made intimated and scared. I did a field test ,and to my knowledge I passed it because I walked the line and did the eye test properly. During the field test, i did not understand their instructions clearly and i did a wrong move at the beginning of the test with my left foot. He shouted at me and i corrected it. My eyes were red that night, was tired the night and not intoxicated. I believe these 2 things made him arrest me. They took me to the DUI station and i saw what the officer was writing in his affidavit, and it was all not true. After seeing what he wrote, i refused to do a Breathalyzer test.
This is all understandable. Duo arrests are very subjective. You need to immediately consult with an experienced...
I was recently arrested for DUI, my public defender told me i have a good shot at a "wet driving reckelessly", but I also got
10 tickets at the same time..thecop really didnt like me. I got a ticket for each window, even the front winshield and back windshield, and two bald tires in the front. I dont want the public defender and I am saving for a private attorney. When I resolve my DUI in court, can we resolve the tickets there and if i have photos of the tires and all that can i get the tickets dismissed, if i also take out the tint? The cop said i almost hit him when he was directing traffic so i cant get diversion...can judge mills throw out the traffic tickets?
If you accept the r/d offer, ask your attorney to have your infractions consolidated. It depends on the judge and the...
Serve time for driving while license revoked habitual offender for the 2nd time?
My brother has had 25 driving offenses since '05. Since '09 he's had 11 offenses. 2 have been driving without a license without knowledge, 1 driving with no valid license, 1 driving without a license with knowledge, 1 felony habitual that was later reduced to a misdemeanor habitual and now he has a new felony habitual driving offense. Will he have to serve time in jail or worse in prison with his bad driving record?
It's possible. He needs a good attorney, nice prosecutor and sympathetic judge. Also add a little luck!
I was arrested for DUI last year, and pled to a reckless driving, the case is over with, it was a withe held and I want to seal
it? can i seal a reackless driving with hold, no other priors or charges. thanks you
I suggest you speak to your original attorney about this. Here in VA, since reckless driving is not a lesser included...
I was arrested for dui a few weeks ago and have "araignnet" in a few weeks? I research diversion, is that available forme?
my situation is that i just had a death in a family and was drinking and was pulled over by my house. I heard that diversion isnt automatic and there are different rules. I didnt blow and I didnt do FSE's, once he said i had red eyes and reeked of alcohol i said shut up and take me to jail. not my best moment, i just had a death in the family. If I get an attotrney, if I refused fses and refused to blow can i still get in diversion or am i not eligible. This is my first arrest ever! never been charged with a crime or ever been involved in the system
They are not consistent in Orange county. It is also expensive. You should go over your options with an experienced...