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If I pass a field sobriety test but placed and hand cuffs and was taken to pice barracks for urine and if I didn't I go to jail
The reason for being stoped was licence plate light was out. I'm a legally licenced driver with current insurance .
A lot of people "feel" or "think" they passed the field sobriety tests (FSTs). But if you were asked what exact...
Is there a law in Ohio which creates a duty for the owner of a car to prevent an unlicensed or drunk driver from using said car?
My father in law (kind of) was stopped and charged for OVI and speed. The patrolman coerced his long time girlfriend (my mother in law) to write a statement that he did not have permission to drive the car under threat that to give permission was a crime, since he does not hold a license, and was in fact impaired. He threatened to charge her with a crime for not calling the police on him.
I am not licensed in Ohio, but in California, where I am licensed, there is such a law if the drunk person is perhaps a...
Can a blood test be used against me in a Dui case in ohio if they withdrew the blood over 2 hours after the accident?
Accident happened at 1925 hours. in the officers statement it states defendent submitted to the test at 2145 hours. No search warrent present. Under the 4th admendment i should be protected from illegal search an seizure
If a defendant submitted to the test that means he consented to the test.
2nd DUI... chances of getting it lowered.
Was stopped due to marked lanes after coming back from a party after staying the night. Told officer I had been drinking the night before. Preformed a FST and took a portable Breathalyzer. I'm assuming I passed the portable test because the officer wouldn't tell me the results. He said he thinks i'm impaired and took me to the station where I blew a .081.
Sure, they're things there that a good lawyer can work with...but it also depends on the prosecutor (and judge); there...
So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
I beat a DUI passing tests, Dr note re eye movements, yet "swerving" charge still remained. Can this be appealed?
7/5 I was pulled over for "swerving". In retrospect my friend /passenger (witness) remember my driving was fine. When the DUI charges were dropped I accepted it discounting the "marked lanes" charges. I come to find that this is 2 points on my record. I wonder can this be dropped after the fact. The court did did indeed get their fine and court cost...why wreck my driving record?! Though my current location is Fl, the offense wad in Stark County in OH Thank you 727 505 1081
It sounds like you have already been found responsible and the licensing agency has assessed the 2 points. It is...
Can you be required to take a drug test after being suspended.
I was told that I was suspended until further investigation and to turn in my name badge. After they suspended me they said that I need to go to a center for testing. I went to testing site and found out that the test was to be observed. I gave a sample and it was not enough so the throw it out. I want for two more hours and I couldn't urinate so I left. The company I work for stated that since I didn't leave a sample it was refusal to test and I got fired. Can this company require an observed test and can they require me to take the test after I was suspended.
I imagine this is covered in your contract or company policies and that there are situations in which the company may...