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Is there any way around those dui program classes?
first offense ... 9 mounth program
Sure, if you never want to have a driver's license again. Otherwise, you have to complete the classes. You must have...
Must I complete my dui program to get my CDL back? or can I just ride out my 3 year informal probation and pay a reissue fee
20 year old first offender bac .21
If you have a california driver license, you have to complete an in person, licensed AB541 program to satisfy the DMV...
What is the standard sentencing for driving on a suspended license while on probation for a previous d.u.i.
Case is 9 years old
There is no standard sentence, and to the extent there is a "standard" it is highly dependent on which court your case...
I got my second DUI in 2006 and completed most of the second offender classes and paid off the$1800 can I get my license back
I stopped going to the classes for about nine months and then I was incarcerated for 18 months after that . when I was released I called the office I was attending the classes at and they informed me that I had been discharged from the class and could not be reinstated. I haggled with them to get some proof of how long I was there and how much money I paid. Finally I received a letter showing my attendance and how much I paid. Since this conviction in 2006 I have not driven a car or had any moving violations. Is there some way I can get my license back without having to complete an 18 month course.
You will need to get a new evaluation and complete the recommended treatment.
2 Questions, early reinstatement optional IID, and 14601.1 vs. 14601.2 driving on suspended (theoretical)
I was arrested for a 2nd DUI last year, plea bargained to a moving violation in court. First DUI was a as a minor so it didn't count for sentencing enhancement in court. License will most likely be suspended through APS for a year, awaiting hearing results. The CVC seems unclear on the optional IID for early reinstatement and makes it seem like you are required to have a CONVICTION of DUI or wet reckless to qualify. It also states those with wet reckless convictions only need 9 months of DUI program vs. 18-30 for wet reckless. Without a conviction of either, am I eligible? And how long of a DUI class would be required? Sources: CVC 13352 13353.2 13353.3 DMV Memo : http://apps.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/olin/12_olin/12olin02.pdf
On a second offense you'll need an SB-38 18 month probation and you should qualified for a restricted license if you...
Can i sue p.d. for my car impounded,thena dui charges were droped by that time ,my car was gone
the dmv said i was not illegally driving, also i was not actually driving my car was stuck in neutral when cop came up passed me then turned on flashing lights as i was only retreiving my things,i was just outside the mobile home park i live
Check with a civil plaintiff's lawyer to review your claims.
I got a dui but was not in the car when the cops showed up
the driver took off and i was there cuss it is my car i said i was not driving the cops maid me take off my shirt said there was bruses from the seat belt on the rivers side and i must have been driving what do i do now
First, the prosecution must prove that you were driving, but this can be done with circumstantial evidence, meaning...