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My license was suspended for OVI in late April but I was able to obtain limited driving privileges to school and work. While driving home from school, I stopped at a stop sign behind 2 cars that had been sitting there for well over a minute. Assuming it was a 4-way stop, I then went around the two cars and, stupidly, went thru the stop sign they were sitting at. A metroparks police officer pulled me over and issued me a ticket for going thru the stop sign, also saying that I had to go to court. I had all my paperwork for my limited privileges and proof that I was coming home from an academic appointment. I'm just wondering what could happen. Will they suspend my license further? Revoke my limited driving privileges? Or will I just have to pay the fine for going thru a stop sign?
Some courts will revoke your driving privileges if you commit a traffic violation while you are operating with...
My friend served 150 days in jail and 90 days of house arrest.
If the 90 days were a sentence and not a condition of bond then it should be one for one. Meaning for each day on...
Given 1 year Probation first offense Violation one time had to restart entire year to keep felony off record Finish up in Oct 2013 I am to attend 2 NA or AA meetings per week other than that, I HAVE COMPLETELY FINISHED EVERYTHING REQUIRED BY COURTS SUCH AS CLASSES COUNSELING AND PAID FINED Need to move asap to Phoenix
talk to your PO. if you can make arrangements with the probation dept for transfer, the court may go along with it
Another attorney advised that I should post this in the criminal defense category. My license was suspended due to non-payment of child support. It was suspended on a Friday, and the accident was on the following Monday. I was not aware that it had been suspended. I had been without insurance for about two months before the accident. I was cited for the accident and for my license being suspended. I called and got my insurance reinstated that day. I go to court next week. I know I will be facing fines, but what else is likely to happen? Will I even be able to have work privileges, or am I possibly facing a few days in jail for all of this? What is my best bet in dealing with the other driver since I do not have insurance?
get an attorney, but also see if you can directly pay for the other driver's damages.
I took gum out before test. Put another piece of gum back in when tested and told the officer after the test.
Yes, a substance in the mouth during a breath test can render it inadmissible. BUT, you will need to make sure you...
Do rental companies get notified if there is no damage to the car, it is not impounded and returned on time? I have reason to belief an employee had this happen, but when I called the rental company they had no record of it? The car was returned on time and there was no damage. As a business owner with the car rented under the company card, is the company notified?
I'm not aware of any mechanism by which you would receive notice from the authorities. Because this person's job...
what should be expected?
The OVI/DUI could and most likely would be considered a violation of your probation. You should hire a DUI attorney...