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If pulled over and asked by police to blow into a breathlizer. How many number attempts does the police officer show you result
pulled over for driving to close to highway line. Blew into breathlizer 3 times, and not shown results. Police then agitated, tell me to blow with force, and obtain a reading and show results.
The handheld breathalyzer that you speak of is not scientifically reliable. In most jurisdictions, it is not...
Boyfriend got sentence in march for 5 years 1 suspended but it will be a year feb which he was in jail. How long does he have ?
Got lock up in march but his sentence date was sep 2. He will serve 85 plus 1 year suspended plus he was in there quite some time now. How long will he have ? What year will he get out
I'm guessing about three (3) more years. Retain counsel to ensure the best possible outcome.
What are my chances of getting a DUI, Refusal of Test reduced to Reckless Driving?
I was pulled over on the highway for "failure to maintain single lane". Did the FST and PBT. Officer said I did fine on the cognitive portion (abcs backwards, date/time etc) of FST but didn't pass the dexterity portion (did twelve steps instead of nine). Blew a .11 on the PBT. I got to the station for the official breath test and got a "deficient sample" reading. I conducted the breath test FOUR times, and complied with the officers instructions. Subsequently, I was charged with Refusal of Test as well
DUI/DWI's are very fact specific and are very complex. So, don't use this board to discuss the facts, instead use Avvo...
What can I expect for non compliance with ASAP for second dwi?
I received a show cause summons that states 4 months and 20 days sentence/ $500 fine. I have had 2 other programs to complete during the same time. I completed the other two programs. I also have a letter from my case worker that recommended that I be reinstated into the program. I have a full time job that I work 6 days a week. My shift starts at 3:40-12:20. I have a son I have to provide for and that amount of jail time will surely end my current employment. What is my best options and do I have to go to jail?
It is up to the judge. You may want to contact your attorney (please tell me you had an attorney for a DUI 2nd!) about...
I am Deployed and a Capias FTA was issued for me in Virginia for DUI. Will I be arrested at the airport upon return?
I am currently deployed to Afghanistan as a DoD Civilian. I was unable to secure a flight back to the USA to make my court date. I was told that the Judge did not charge me with Failure to Appear, but he continued the case by one month and issued a CAPIAS FTA. Will I be arrested at the Airport upon my return to the United States before I have an opportunity to turn myself in to face trial for my charges?
It is possible but not certain. Retain a lawyer in case they arrest you on the bench warrant. The magistrate is...
MSW with two DUI's
I am a MSW. I worked in my field for over eight years. While working as an adjunct professor teaching SW and simultaneously working as an Emergency Services worker for MH/SA with the local ER and police calls I burnt out. I ultimately received two dui's. It has been almost three years and I am basically unemployable and on the verge of being homeless literally. What can I do?
This isn't really a legal question, but here is what I would tell a client or a family member. As a social worker you...
I have a capias for a fta for an asap violation in Newport News Va. If I turn myself in will I have to go to jail ?
I was literally homeless until very recently. I still do not have any money to pay for vasap or my other fines yet, either.
In my experience, probably not. Most clients I have had in this situation are released if they turn themselves in....