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I was pulled over for supposed DUI last night. They made me walk a line - I passed. They administered a breathalyser 6 times (it clicked each time), then they took me to the hospital to get a blood test. I asked but wasn't told my results for the breathalyser. I was cited for DUI. They also asked everyone else in the car if they had been drinking & administered breathalysers to each of them as well, but they all obviously passed because they let them drive my car away. We all drank the same amount, which was only 2 drinks. A friend told me I should fight this. Does this sound like something a criminal atty would consider a decent case to fight? Especially with it being my first time, I thought I would ask.
Based on your recitation of the facts, the answer is that this may be a case to fight. A lot will depend on what the...
I was recently arrested for my 2nd DUI and refused the blood test. Is there any way to avoid the mandatory 90 days in jail, such as a plea deal, house arrest, or probation?
Yes of course hire a good attorney right away
I was also charged with dui controlled substance. The officer also charged with with dui combined alcohol/and drugs. I have no convictions on my record but due to some juvenile history I don't think ard will take me. what is the max penalty for all these charges? and is it likely one will get dropped?
Hire a qualified DUI attorney immediately and DO NOT discuss the facts of your case on this site. An attorney will be...
I got charged with a DUI in York Co Pa. I got accepted into ARD. I am a paramedic student and will finish school when I am only about 6 months into ARD. I understand this is not a conviction but you are on "probation" . I am wondering what should I doab out applying for a job once school is over. I don't want to burn any bridges but I also don't want to wait for it to be expunged until I apply for jobs. Can I get off ARD early in York? Will this be a problem driving an ambulance? Any input is appreciated, thank you.
Yes it could be a problem since a DUI may effect one's ability to drive an ambulance safely. Speak to an attorney...
I was arrested for a DUI in 2005 and another In 2006. I was 19 for the first one and twenty when I was arrested for the second one. I recently tried to purchase a gun and was denied because the second offense was considered an M1. I have guns that I've had before I was arrested, can I posses these guns and would I ever be able to buy a gun again. I am an avid hunter and fisherman and mistakes I made 8-9 years ago are adversely affecting my only recreational hobbies.
You are caught at the intersection of State and Federal Law. An intersection that is creating a hassle for otherwise...
My bac was .026 upon the blood test I had marijuana in my system how long is the additional suspension I do have a few doctors appointments and no ride do to the fact that im new to pa from az and was recently. Involved in a serious vehicular accident at the time of the dui I was 19
You don't say what the additional suspension was for. Your attorney should have explained all of the ARD conditions...
Did blood test after accident
Could be either but usually drugs.