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Alaska States DUI laws state that if you have three DUI within ten years it is considered a Felony DUI. But In Washington State it states not until your fourth DUI it is then considered a felony DUI. I have nothing over my head as far as legal implications and only have the suspended license left to deal with at this time. I have had my license suspended going on four years and am about ready to lose my job because of the lengthy suspension time. I would indebted with any type of positive information anyone could provide to me. Thanks
probably not because WA is going to have to check the national database to see if you are withdrawn in any other state.
What are the consequences for a 19 year old with breethalyzer of .137, first offence? Case hearing to be held in city limits, even though the offense was in country juridiction and carried out by a county officer.
Although I am not a Washington State attorney, based upon my experience with defending DUI cases in Virginia, I would...
I had a DUI/Alluding dropped to Negligent/ first degree and disobeying a police officer in Washington State. I would like to get these charges expunged. I have a clean record other than this. I am looking for a lawyer that can assist me with this effort.
Well what you want really involves two separate processes. First you want to get the convictions vacated from your...
Got a Dui and was booked in jail... I never recieved or signed a ticket.
There is no requirement that you sign the ticket, but you should have received something. Just make sure that the DoL...
Someone was arrested and was at first given a court appointed attorney but then hired a criminal defense attorney. The minimum in Wash state is 45 days in jail, he has done 38 and has court tomorrow. He is an inmate worker now and was told the prosecutors offered 10 weeks in custody, 10 weeks home monitoring and 10 weeks chemical dependency treatment inside. None of his time spent would count apparently. He was already in a treatment program and is still OK'ed to return if he is released. He wants to decline the 10, 10, 10 offer because he has heard several others get off with 45, 60, or 90 days. If he declines the offer is it completely off the table? And is it customary to decline the first offer given by the prosecutors?
What to ultimately expect in a case like this is dependent upon many factors. His attorney is the one he needs to...
Canada prohibits going into their country if you have a DUII on your record. Would taking a diversion in Oregon State prohibit access to Canada?
Probably. You need to ask a canadian immigration attorney to be sure.
I was convicted of Dui in Washington State two years ago, since then I have paid all fines taken the drug and alcohol treatment classes for two years, I was referred to Oregon to take my classes by Washington and now Washington wont release my license saying they made a mistake in referring me, how is this my fault? I have done everything that was ordered in order to have my license reinstated and now they wont let me have it, saying I need to retake the classes in Washington although I now live in Oregon and cant afford anything else... This is so frustrating being I followed and have done everything that was ordered in court.
Who referred you to take classes in Oregon?