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Also, since i was 17, will this count as a second DUI or a first offense? Am I eligible for ARD? Should i seek a lawyer or use a public defender? Thank you!
Yes a 2nd. No to ARD. You do have options. Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case,...
Met up w/friends for dinner. During this time a friend's BF began to become belligerent & act like a jerk, so my friend ask I take her home. Before we left we stopped at the bar & told both bartenders to not serve him anymore, that he's drunk & has to drive home. They agreed. We left. Then we quickly felt bothered by this so we turned around and headed back to the restaurant. He was now sitting at the bar with shot glasses. This was in a 15-20min time frame. The boyfriend now makes a scene he is very eradic and flees the bar, I looked at the tab and they served him 3shots and a beer!!! This after we asked and they agreed not to. In the mean time my friend tried to get him to stop, but he made it to the car and took off. Hour goes by & he is in jail DUI. Is there ample cause to take action?
There would most likely be no liability on part of the bartender for someone receiving a DUI. However, there is...
I have two dui's realated to prescription drugs. I live in berks county PA. I can prove that im allergic to alcohol. Would penndot consent to random drug screening in lieu of an interlock?
Generally, if PennDOT has determined that you must have an interlock device, then you need to have the device. There is...
Over the weekend i received a citation for public intoxication. I am currently a secondary education major and am not sure what do to? If it will not appear on the background checks then i will be alright, if it does however i would like to know what can i do to get it off? I have not plead guilty, or paid the citation. I have until the 17th of September to figure out my options. Anything to help me out would be appreciated.
Under these circumstances you should consult with and retain a local criminal defense attorney in your area to assist...
I would like to know is there a way I could get this underage citation expunged from my record at all. I heard about this ARD program, but I am not clear on how it works. Also would it be possible to get it expunged after i turn 21?
Hi, first thing you need to do is hire an attorney to handle the matter. It is not a serious thing. You won't get as...
went and got blood drawen and blood was lost do i still have a dui???????? need help fast and do you do cevel cases to got tazzed on the hart and i have a bad hart was sent to the hospt to and blood was drowen and it got lost and was still charged with dui
Call a local PA DUI lawyer. Sorry, there really isn't a question posted here. Do you still have a DUI? Well did you...
I just got caught driving while license was suspended on a dui charge. I could possibly do 2 or months in jail. If i flead the state to another one could i be found and jailed.? i was on ard and its gonna be revoked i believe but if i do flee will i still be able to obtain a job showing them my identification card.?
You asked this same question earlier today. Same question--same answers.