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I'm on probation for marijuana.The 1st time I saw my po, she modified my probation to include no alcohol.
Yes, but it is random, they don't run ETG every time but the risk of getting caught is HIGH, don't put yourself in that...
There is a lot of private open land next to my house, a driver was doing donuts one evening and lost control running this truck into our wooden fence once, then as he backed out he ran into our fence again totaling the fence. This was back in November 2013. We still have no monetary compensation for the $4,000 worth of damages. Our insurance says they will pursue the amount from the driver's insurance party but it will take a long while. We did smell alcohol on the guy that night but that's not exactly hard evidence.
Only a prosecutor can file criminal charges. What do you hope to accomplish by filing a complaint
Does a DWI charge affect my F1 status in Texas ?
Talk to an attorney in private to get case specific advice.
own, or do I have to go through a lawyer. I prefer to know before I decide on which lawyer to hire.
Based on your facts you should go ahead and hire a lawyer. Handling it yourself will likely cause more harm than good....
This is my second, first 26 years ago, do they do polygraph test?
Do not know about polygraphs whch I would not do as they are unreliable and not allowed as evidence unless every person...
April 2011 recieved DUI 2nd. Never went for ALR. Got a ticket for driving with suspended license yesterday. I am on probation now and might get revoked. 2nd DUI in 5 yrs. Will they allow me to even apply for one. Have job and take care of elderly grandparent. I know I face time and I will probably try to sit it all out because I do not want to be on probation anymore. Is that even possible?
Your case has several things that affect each other, for the most logical assessment of your case under the...
I moved to Illinois after being arrested and serving two weeks in jail on a 1st offense class B misdemeanor DUI and never got the court date notification. An Alias Capias warrant was issued five years ago. Can I be extradited? Texas law states that on a 1st offense DUI, license suspension is up to one year. My offense occurred five years ago. Can I get a driver's license in Illinois?
They can, but they won't. Extradition is too expensive for such a minor crime. You will not ever be able to get a...