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    Wednesday Jan 21 | via Lumina News 

    A Wrightsville Beach Police officer on patrol noticed a vehicle weaving in and out of traffic approaching the intersection of Salisbury Street and Causeway Drive around 3 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 18. The vehicle continued to swerve while traveling over the Heide Trask Drawbridge, began speeding 55 in a 35 mph zone and nearly struck a concrete median. The officer then stopped the vehicle to find 23-year-old Winnie Smith of Wilmington driving without a license.


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Did my 1 night in jail never paid fine or community service or probation. Was told there is a warrant for my arrest after 12 years. Is there a statute of limitations for this. Never tried to get my license back but would like to now but afraid will be arrested. I now live in North Carolina and have for last12 years. Left fl right after court for dui.
North Carolina will not allow you to get your license until you are in compliance with all all of your obligations out...
I recently received my first dwi, I was not speeding or driving wrecklessly but stopped at a dwi check point. My BAC was a .11. Since then I have completed my ADETS and have no previous crimal record, only some speeding tickets. Do I have any chance of the charges being dismissed or reduced?
They are not going to dismiss or reduce a DUI. If you can beat it, you may be able to, but otherwise, you will have to...
I refused to take a chemical test so since she registered my ticket under my prior NC liscenes yesterday I called nc dmv and my nc liscenes are suspended. How is this valid if I have a PA liscenes?
Your customer ID number with DMV stays with you and it's how DMV tracks you in future in case you get future tickets or...
I was charged with DWI and Reckless driving. No prior convictions for DUI but have had a prior DWLR that I used a Prayer for Judgment for in Wake County and also a DWLR/Hit RunPropDamage that was dismissed in New Hanover County. I blew .20, stupidly admitted to drinking and submitted to FST, and my license was valid/current. There were no grossly aggrevating factors and other than the info above no aggrevating factors. i was very cooperative and honest with the officer. What are possible outcomes? I am married with a small child (not in the car at time of DWI) and would like to try and get LDP. Is this a possiblity?
Retain a seasoned DWI attorney. Most give free initial consults. Good luck.
He has a previous drug charge, and has been on probation before this probation sentence was enacted in March. His PO violated his probation due to the new drug charges but he's already served 70 days in jail. So I was just wondering if he would be facing jail time for the violation. And on top of that how will the new drug charges affect the probation violation sentence? I have no experience with this and was just trying to get a general idea of what he may be facing. Thank you!
There is a lot more that we would need to know. What record level was he before? He faces the possibility of revocation...
on 5/22/14 my friend and i went out for my birthday. i drank entirely too much and got sick dt. the next thing i knew i was in my car and we had been pulled over and my friend was arrested for dui and i got a ticket and my car seized. on 6/4/14 i was granted a pjc for the aiding and abetting. i went to the clerk of court to fill out a petition for receiving my vehicle back. i was denied and now have a hearing on 6/6/14 to resolve this matter in front of a judge. i am a single father of two kids in a low income home and can ill afford to lose my vehicle. i have a previous dui myself, but that was back in 2007. since that time i have toed the line and have not received so much as a speeding ticket. i am looking for some simpathy here and am wondering if i will get any.
I'm not sure any attorney can accurately predict your chances of getting the car back. There are a lot of factors the...
i received a pjc for the aiding and abetting and i was passed out in the car at the time the event occured.
More facts about the case itself, the relationship to the principal, and your background would be required to give a...