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How hard is it to fight a OWI charge for prescription medication in you're system In the state of Wisconsin?
In april of 2012 I was prescribed ambien by my doctor. It caused me to get up and sleep drive with out even knowing it. I don't remember a thing but I crashed my car and refused to take a roadside test. The DA offered 10 days jail time, 2 years probation, $500 fine, and revoked DL for a year. I think thats way to harsh and want to fight this. I also read on the FDA website, as of May this year the FDA placed more on the warning label about sleep driving, and are telling doctors to cut doses in half. It also said from 2007 to 2012 the FDA has recived over 700 reports of sleep driving. What are the odds of fighting this. Since WI looks at all OWI's the same way.
You should contact an attorney to discuss further as you may have possible defenses. Good luck.
What was the penalty for dwi in Wisconsin in 1911
need answer for school project
Then I suggest you do your homework. Here's a place to start. http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lrb/research/
Is there anyway for me to get a Driver's License pending a discipline from OWI? Am I able to see the judge again to help me?
I was convicted of 2 OWI's within a year of each other over a year and half ago. I was pending graduation from college and now I have taken a job out of town and need to drive. I am unable to get an Occupational License and 7 Months away from reinstatement. Am I able to see the judge again? He suspended them for 15 months but it would help me keep my job if I could get them sooner, if not I am not sure what will happen. Is there anything out there to help me with this issue in law?
I am currently a teacher in Wisconsin and have been convicted of my first DUI, can I be fired or lose license
I got my first DUI this year, no accidents, not in a school zone, no minors involved, not on my way to school and no interlock device. I'm just wondering if I should notify my employer of this. And if they find out will I be let go or not have my contract renewed?
If you are in a union, discuss this with your union steward. An OWI-1st in Wisconsin with no Interlock ordered is not a...
Can I write a letter to a Judge asking to forgive the IID penalty after completing the 3yr suspension, so I can get my license.
The only vehicle I own doesn't run. A vehicle can be provided to me through my work but other people need to drive it as well. I also need to drive other vehicles for work. I have completed everything the court has required except for the IID.
You may be able to get your non-running vehicle exempted, but that won't remove the restriction from your license, and...
Can I get a CDL with a 1st DUI conviction?
I plead guilty to a 1st dui in Indiana 4 1/2 years ago. Can this be expunged? Can I get a CDL in Wisconsin if it is expunged?
Good question for the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles. Did you look at their website? If it does not answer...
Can the state of wi force you to donate $3000 to MADD after getting a DUI?
this a 3rd offense
That does not sound like an appropriate sentence, nor something that should be authorized as restitution.