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In april of 2012 I was prescribed ambien by my doctor. It caused me to get up and sleep drive with out even knowing it. I don't remember a thing but I crashed my car and refused to take a roadside test. The DA offered 10 days jail time, 2 years probation, $500 fine, and revoked DL for a year. I think thats way to harsh and want to fight this. I also read on the FDA website, as of May this year the FDA placed more on the warning label about sleep driving, and are telling doctors to cut doses in half. It also said from 2007 to 2012 the FDA has recived over 700 reports of sleep driving. What are the odds of fighting this. Since WI looks at all OWI's the same way.
You should contact an attorney to discuss further as you may have possible defenses. Good luck.
Driving after OWR first offene. OWR was result of OWI.
If you have an attorney, or express an intent to obtain an attorney, the prosecutor cannot ethically speak to you....
Driving revoked for failure to pay uninsured accident costs. No license, insurance, etc. Will there be jail time? What about the Ignition Lock - if his girlfriend owns the car, will he not be required to put one in? He doesn't own his own car.
Yes, there will be jail, and an ignition interlock requirement. No, they can't force interlock installation on a...
car was parked after a very miner car accident, was ticked for hit and run also stopped while walking and given a dui
Absolutely. You do not need to be "caught in the act" to be arrested for any offense, though probable cause to believe...
was intimidated by other party, left walking stopped at bar on way home, police stopped me while walking refused test I was then taken for a blood test and given ticket for owi I did try to change info with other party I have previous ow i's more than 10 years ago
You need to talk to a lawyer confidentially ASAP. If you were actually cited for refusal, there are very short time...
I got a DUI a few days back. It's my first, and I guarantee my only because of how terrible I feel about it. I have no intention of drinking any time soon. I've never had anything more than a few simple traffic violations. I've never been much of a drinker. I went out with the intention of crashing at some friends places. Things turned ugly that night and I don't remember everything but I obviously ended up driving. If I try and offer up installing an Ignition Interlock Device and going to counseling would it be possible for the prosecutor to reduce or drop charges.
Not likely. Get a lawyer. Wis. Stat. s. 967.055 (2) Dismissing or amending charge. (a) Notwithstanding s. 971....
She was in the vehicle with him and was not hurt. They were pulled over before they were too far downt he road. She was scared but not injured
Problem is there were no damages, so what exactly would you be suing for? Further, did your daughter get in the car...