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How bad is A DWAI?
I plead nolo contendere to a DWAI violation 8-10 years ago. It was suppose to be removed from my record after 7-10 years but b/c of law changes in NYS it won't be. I'm a professional working with children with developmental disabilities in non profit organizations. I've never had any other problems. I'm a mother looking to buy a house, get a new job and go back to school. What impact will this have? Is there any hope of hiding it?
A DWAI is a violation, a non-criminal offense, which means that you are, and have always been, able to answer the...
If arrested twice for DWI/DUI in Florida, but leaves state before appearing in court, how long is before charges are dropped?
This person has said he cannot go back to Florida for fear of being arrested.
If the defendant was arrested, appeared in court and stopped going then there is probably a warrant out for his arrest....
If convicted of dwi, how long will it remain on your record?
A 21 year old friend of mine was riding in his vehicle as a passenger, with a friend driving. They had both been drinking. They were involved in a minor accident. My friend told the driver to run away before the police came, as the driver had received a DUI only a month earlier- the boy was genuinely trying to help his friend, and took the rap for him. Now he is facing fines and lawyers fees that although the boy who ran promised to help pay, now won't. With text messages from this boy admitting he was driving and ran away as evidence, is there any chance the DUI charge could be dropped against the guy who took the rap if the truth came to light? What is the average cost of counsel for DUI or dwi?
Cost if a good dwi attorney will vary, however, if what you are saying is true it should not be difficult to get a good...
What is the timeframe in which ny police have to test your blood for alcohol
2 hours from the time of arrest
Is the New York State DMVs decision to deny my license application based on § 136.5 legal?
Prior to Regulation NYCRR § 136.5, I had reapplied for my driver's license after suspension was up. I received a letter back stating I needed to complete alcohol counseling which I did. Form DS-449 was sent to DMV by my counselor stating that I had successfully completed treatment. All of this took place BEFORE the stricter guidelines for re-licensing were made law. The DMV continued to sit on my application until the new guidelines came into effect (three months later). Finally, 7 months after completing treatment, my denial letter came from Albany. I did everything I was supposed to in the letter from the first examiner. I have appealed the Commissioner's decision. What are the chances this is over-turned? Why was my application reviewed TWICE?
The regulations are new and no lawyers that I am aware of practice in this field except for me. I have 2 pages of...
Stopped walking for open container. Under 21. No tickets issued. What does this mean for me?
I was walking and a police officer stopped be for having an open container. She graciously did not issue me any tickets but took my name and birthdate. What does this mean for me? Will this show up on a background check? Will this be on any record? If so how long? I have never been in trouble before.
Nothing. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq. Immediate Past President, Criminal Courts Bar Association 11'-12' Hession...
If someone got a dwi driving your car, are you responsible because it was your car they were driving?
dwi by someone driving your car
You could be civilly liable for any damages if you let the person drive your car knowing he had been drinking. This...