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I have 2 OUI . The first was CWOF with no accident or incidence. The second was found guilty with no accident or incidence. The registry took my CDL for life. Now it's suppose t be 2 guiltys lost for life. I wasn't found guilty on first. The paperwork I received used the court ordered 16 week program as my guilty. Can this be appealed?
Generally speaking, a CWOF should not be considered a guilty for registry purposes. Consult with an attorney to...
i need more information about to get my driver license.
Your question requires a little more information in order to answer it properly. If you lost your license for...
No further detail.
Have you applied for the LTC? Assuming your DUI was not a felony, I doubt that factor alone would preclude you from...
I did 3 months in 1999-2000.For habitual driving in Massachusetts. I would like to know if on a rental applications. They ask if anyone has a felony. It's been 14yrs. Do I have to put that down.
A Habitual Traffic Offender is a motorist that has accrued three major moving violations or twelve minor moving...
From New Jersey, Arrested for OUI in MA
You can certainly work something out with your Probation Officer upon the entry of the 24D disposition. I have had...
I got 3 years loss of license and I think a year on top of that from the rmv. I'm just wondering when the three year suspension starts? Is it the the date of the arrest or my last day in court?
Pursuant to G.L. c. 90 ยง 24(1)(f)(1), your 3 year chemical test refusal suspension will commence as of the date of the...
I must have wandered off from possible concussion. Was very groggy over the next 2 or so hours. Sick to my stomach/ headache. Ended up walking home. Had some wine to calm my nerves plus not really thinking straight. Very early the next morning I called police/emt. Went to hospital. My bac was below the legal limit but the concern was what it was at the time of accident. I did not disclose that I drank afterwards. Can the police use that bac to make assumptions regarding it hours before?
Consult local defense counsel and don't speak more about this online.