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    Nov 25, 2014 | via Marietta Times 

    At about 11:06 p.m. Friday officers were dispatched to 407 Harmar St. in reference to a burglary in progress. On arrival, officers checked with the homeowner, Betty Vadakin, who advised that she had just arrived home and found a man lying on the floor of her dining room and evidence of a break-in.


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Could I get driving priveleges to work with "no contest" including hardship, other places to drive to; groceries, doctor, etc. I live alone.. I need to know what I'd get with a no contest plea. Thank you.
If you plead to an OVI in Wayne county you will be facing more than the minimum penalties and it will likely involve...
i was arrested back in 2003 for a dui/underage bac [.055]. my license was suspended for a year, 30 day suspended sentence, fines, and a weekend class. i was unable to pay for the fines or the class and as a result violated my probation. last month i went to get my license reinstated and was informed of the warrant for not paying fines / probation violation. i'm trying to handle this the best way posible - i turned myself in, paid all my fines, and received a court date. i have signed up to take the original 3 day program before the hearing and have already taken an adult remedial driving course. any suggestions on anything else i can do that would be beneficial to my case and help keep me from going to jail? would letters from my place of employment or parole officer help?
If you have a suspended sentence then there is a good chance you may have to do the 30 days based on the violation....
i was drunk and filed a false police report. after i sobered up i relized what i did and tryed to fix it with the police and now they are trying to charge me with falsifying a police report and im scared i going to prison. what am i dealing with here and is it prison time im looking at?
You have a lot of variables in your situation. By trying to charge you does that mean they HAVE charged you or are...
also... if parafanila is visable can they search with out asking me ... and they never read me my meranda rights... also i dident get a ticket for my possession and parafanila but they are still charging me with it the only paper stating that i have these charges are my bond papers??? im just wondering what actions i can take towards this
Your question raises further questions that need to be answered. If your car was off and the keys not in your...
Hi, I am in the process of going through the legal system in a DUI. I am CURRENTLY an Ohio resident , but have a NV Medical Marijuana recomendation. I am aware If put on probation, i could be “randomly” drug tested and prosecuted under OH law. I am legitimately using cannabis for medical reasons, and have doctors recommendation and records to prove it. Since cannabis is currently illegal in OH, and i would be facing harsh penalties if i were to fail a drug test, would it be better if i change my state residency mid-trial and get disposed in a state which allows Medical Marijuana so i am not risking anything ?
You should talk to the probation department and your attorney.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
I got my greencard by marriage to US citizen. We are still happily married. It will be three years soon for our marriage and I wanted to apply for citizenship. I have two Dui on my record. One 11 years ago and second one four years ago. I am not on any kind of probation and keeping my nose clean since then. I have a master's degree and have good job for last eight years. I was never a alcoholic. it was just bad choices I made. I have almost quit alcohol since last four years. What are my chances of getting approved for citizenship?
From the information you have provided both incidents appear to be outside the 'statutory' period and there is a...