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DUI case
Can you expunge a " Not Guilty" finding by a judge in a OUI case in regards to your CORI report. It shows on my CORI as Not Guilty however I am in the medical field and think that this will indeed effect my chances of employment. Any legal advice would be greatly appreciated!
Typically if you have no other convictions ever, then you might be able to expunge this not guilty verdict. You really...
My second dui was treated as a first one. is there a chance to avoid the Interlock Device or at least reduce the 2 years time?
I'm about to reinstate my driver license in Ma. I was guided wrongfully and I plead guilty. In my case there were no intoxication level, because i was taken to the hospital and in the hospital they never took any example. I don't know if this matter now because I did everything that the court ask me. But now that I'm going to apply to reinstate my driver license can my case help me to avoid the INTERLOCK DEVICE? THANKS.
Unfortunately, no. The facts of your case should have been addressed while the case was active at court. The RMV does...
Can they find me guilty of OUI if they have just a witness and my statement as a evidence?
I was involved in a single accident (hitting a tree)...they did not do any sobriety test and nothing in the hospital...they have just a witness saying that I was speeding and driving very strange (seems to be impaired)...My case was not dropped at the hearing, because at some point the police said a smell alcohol and my statement was That I had something to drink (few drinks)...but at the same time I was recovering from a big impact in my head AND I was trying to figure it out what happened...so I barely remember what i said and so far I'm in pre- trial and they don't have nothing else and I have the report from the hospital saying no impairment noted...
You should contact a local defense attorney about taking this to trial. There a technicalities that must be followed to...
I filed a surcharge appeal from an auto accident and am awaiting a hearing.
In April 2012 I was involved In a small fender bender. An SUV swerved into my lane, without signaling, trying to get around a stopped vehicle turning left. Because of this I struck the rear of his vehicle at a low rate of speed. There was NO damage to the other SUV and minimal damage to my sedan (grille damage estimated at $275) we decided not to pursue. 6 months later I receive notice the other driver is going after my insurance company. I am found at fault and the other driver is paid out $21,000 for a whiplash claim (14 k medical 7 k payout) he did not claim any property damage. I have picture of both vehicles on the day of the accident. And need to gather more evidence to help my appeal. Any suggestions?
What is your basis for an appeal? Your insurance company does not have any motivation to pay more on a claim then they...
Not Guilty DUI
I was found Not Guilty of DUI. The judge allowed CORI sealed. Will I be ok if I want to drive to Montreal?
Assuming you haven't been convicted of anything else.... Enjoy your trip and congratulations on your win! I would...
DUI " Not Guilty" sealed CORI
In a nutshell...... I was accused of a DUI by Mass state police. I went to court and was found " Not Guilty" by a judge. I later petitioned the court to seal my CORI and the judge allowed this. Do I now have to petition the state police and FBI to correct this ?
I do not believe you can seal it is against the FBI or the state police
DUI in Nevada now MA found out
I got a DUI in Nevada about 4 years ago. Massachusetts just found out and is threatening to suspend my license. Will I be fined here in MA since it's my second offense. I read that since its been more than 2 years I will not have to get the Ignotion Device? Please advise
You can't be punished in MA for a Nevada crime. That means there can be no fines or penalties or punishments for that...