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  • Ten arrested in theft ring

    Monday Mar 16 | via WTNH 

    According to state police, numerous agencies, including the FBI and local police departments, investigated the thefts in the Torrington, Winsted, and Wolcott area for a year. Employees of the Coliseum Trading Post of Torrington, Coliseum Pawn in Bristol, and Gold N Pawn in Wolcott were arrested of their involvement in the ring.


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Had an accident, only me involved, and I was under the influence, but police report says "closed". Can I still be charged DUI?
Is the hospital required to report BAC to DMV in CT? Should I be expecting a notice? Police report says nothing about alcohol, and officer did not do a breath test @ hospital, just made my eyes follow his finger. Only hospital knew I was drunk. Do they tell anyone? Does officer call for a BAC after the fact? Hospital report has alcohol intoxication all over it though. Did I luck out? thank you.
Unless you were in police custody when you went to the hospital, your medical records are confidential. They cannot be...
I was pulled over on sep 13 2013. Case drop nov 2014 no probable cause. Not able to drive bill piling up can I sue the cops?????
Dmv took my license for 3 yrs. the case was drop with all charges. I just want to no if I can sue the cops. I lost my business, still have lawyer bills I'm losing $$$$$ everyday because this cop pulled me over and didn't have problble cause and nothing happen to him he goes about his daily life with no repercussion. Do I have a case against them or not?? Thanks Eddie
have you ever discussed this with the lawyer who represented you , who seems to have done a fine job? If DMV suspended...
2nd DUI 2014 (1st 2006, convicted 2007, out of state, participated in an alcohol program). He was offered...
2 yrs executed suspension after 4 mos jail followed by 3 yrs probation, alcohol treatment program, fees, maybe 100 hrs community service (? mandatory). Lawyer says because sentence is more than 1 yr it's a felony. He refused breathalyzer. He doesn't know why he can't have a copy of tape. 1) Is it possible he will spend less time in jail? Would it be local? 2) Can you tell us how the "rules" are computed from 1st to 2nd offender (arrest date vs convicted date), we are confused. 3) How does he get a record of his convictions? Thank you
Too many variables to provide an intelligent answer. Feel free to contact our office tomorrow for a free consultation
Trying to get A-44 Officer’s OUI Arrest and Alcohol Test Refusal or Failure Report.
Police, court clerk's office, prosecutor's office won't give it. He went to first hearing. How come nobody will give it to him? The only paperwork he received is the Notice of Rights - Bail, JD-CR-5. He was charged with 14-242, 14-227a, 53a-167. I'm sure you can see we want to it for his defense. We don't know how much trouble he is in. Someone said he can't get it until after trial and/or decision is finalized. I thought it was a person's right to obtain records in an arrest at any time. Cannot afford a lawyer right now. Please advise. Thank you.
It varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If the arrest took place in New Milford his matter will be heard in Bantam,...
I have my second dui and court coming up soon would it be alright if i check myself into a rehab?
2nd dui, court soon and i want to know if i can check myself into a rehab or would that result in a warrant or look good that im taking responsibility?
First hire a criminal defense attorney and he/she will direct you on what actions to take. Don't miss court without the...
What is most likely going to be my punishment for my second dui? jail time or community service rehab ?
second dui, failed Breathalyzer first one already took classes
If you were granted and successfully completed the Alcohol Education Program for your first DUI, then you should will...
I'm in CT and its my second dui offence how do i lessen the time of suspension or stop it?
need to shorten time
Hire a lawyer to see what your options are and if it is possible.