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  • Senator talks about finding intruder in apartment

    Monday Nov 24 | via WBRZ 

    A state senator said he was puzzled about the state of a man who broke into his posh downtown apartment last week . Charles Johnson, 55, was arrested and charged with burglary, criminal damage to property and trespassing after an altercation with Senator Gerald Long and his wife.


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I have a 2 month old son. His father walked away early on in my pregnancy and is now taking me to court for joint custody because his mom made him. He lives with his parents. There are rumors in town that his mom is having an affair, and she brought the alleged boyfriend to the hospital to meet my son when her own husband still hasn't met him. Also, she allows the alleged boyfriend to smoke in their home, which my child would have to deal with if he gets joint custody. My son's father also smokes in his truck and both he and his mother have a history of drunk driving. His mother also put all kind of malicious lies about my family and me all over social media. Will a judge in Louisiana see my concern for my child's safety and health? I want him to see his dad but just with supervised visit
Hire a family law attorney. Problem with bring things like this up in court is you'll need some proof.
If someone has 3 DUI's in Louisiana and gets a fourth DUI in Texas, does that carry over? If so, what would happen?
You'll need to direct the question to a Texas criminal defense attorney. Here are some helpful points to consider....
I got a DUI when I was visiting my girlfriend at college in Illinois for Halloween. Will my Louisiana license get taken away or suspended?
I would try contacting an attorney in LA to ask this question. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab here on AVVO to...
I told the state trooper I thought he had been drinking and heard her tell the man it sounded like he was "slurring his words" when she spoke to him. I also included my suspicions in the witness report she had me write. I was issued a ticket for failure to yield and suspended license (was not aware it was suspended; unpaid speeding ticket from Florida) and then she told me I could leave. In the 30+ minutes she was there she had not given the man a field sobriety test or breathalyzer. Is this normal? Did she want me to leave so she could go investigate further without my involvement?
Up to the officer. Hopefully she persuaded him to take a blood test. If you were all over her maybe she just wanted...
two tickets for. one for speeding & one for driving while license suspended
you need to consult a local attorney to know what to say and what not to.
when I try to have the Miss. DUI expunged, do you think they would reopen the case if they saw the La. dismissal? I read that a dismissal can be reopened within 18 months of the dismissal. Do you think they would. Don't think they realized it was my second offence before the dismissal.
As a general rule I advise clients not to seek an expungement unless the applicable period of time expires in which to...
I was convicted with a dui in California Sacramento county in 2012, Im still on informal probation. I completed my work project right away. I have not completed my court ordered 3 month dui classes that are required by the dmv to reinstate my driving privileges. I recently moved my residency to Louisiana for work, and do not plan to move back to California. Can i take a class here in Louisiana to satisfy CA-DMV to reinstate my Lic? Or can i take a different course of action. I am not attempting to get a Louisiana DL, I am aware the DMV works on the same network and honor other states suspensions. The issue im faced with is I cant take a class in Cal. while I live in Louisiana, and Ca DMV will not accept a dui class completed out-of-state unless approved by a Ca judge. Or so I've heard.
You need to have someone make contact with the court and explain your situation and see if they will allow you to take...