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    Thursday | via KTVN Reno 

    Counterfeit money is on the rise and is typically used more during the holidays. Channel 2 News sat down with the United States Secret Service to see how they're working to combat the problem and what you can do to remain alert.


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I was convicted of a "Wet Reckless" at the end of 2007 (Had 0.01 BAC), with my license suspended from Jan/2008, i never renewed my license and my probation is supposed to end by 01/01/2013. -I have a Marijuana card in California, but not in Nevada. I went to "Burning man" festival last week in Nevada and had a police officer find a marijuana pot in my hand a long with 0.5grams of pot, the officer said he will go easy on me and gave me a "Possession of drug paraphernalia" ticket with a $125 fine, no mention of marijuana anywhere, no court or anything just a fine. I did tell the officer it wasn't mine, but he gave me the ticket Anyway. My Wetreckless probation in Cali is supposed to end in 3 months, would this misdemeanor hurt me? what to do so the ticket doesnt go on my record at all
When you say "no court or anything" I suspect that this is not a misdemeanor but a civil infraction. Do you have a...
He is in jail what do you think will happen to him
I am licensed in Arizona not Nevada so I can only speak to my experience in Arizona. It sounds like he is in need of a...
I was convicted of a DUI in the state of California and I am a Nevada resident. As of 11/16/14, I have completed my mandatory hardship and I have obtained a SR22 form, More so, I showed my proof of enrollment in a California DUI program as requested by the Court. Moreover, having submitted these two required documents , I am now eligible for a restricted California license but I only need a restricted Nevada license. How do I go about getting a restricted license here in Nevada for work and to commute to my DUI program in California? Thank you for taking the time to read my question and giving me your advice.
Two choices: Call MAU of CA DMV, file a 1650. If your CA suspension period is up, any possible hold will be lifted...
1) Would you take your job back knowing you may ruin it permanently by being arrested or do you think it will be house arrest due to the fact that in the judge's eyes, having a job means being able to paying fines? God knows it is up to about 4000$ now. I have served a total of 4 days for second. 2) Will first state see second DUI as summary probation violation as I was not on probation when it happened? 3) Can I just serve time for both and get it over with?
It sounds like a very serious situation. I would call and do an in person consultation with a DUI attorney ASAP. You...
I recently appeared in court last month and I accepted and was charged with 2 first dui's. The judge gave me a fine to pay by February and was told to stay out of trouble. I received a letter from dmv on 11/02/14 which states my license will be suspended for 1 year effective 11/11/114. Can I request a hearing for the second dui. I really need my license I work w jobs and make deliveries for my job. Is there anyway dmv will let me possibly have interlock device in my car
What do you mean by you were charged with 2 first DUIs?
My friend got a DUI and I was wondering can't the place where he works be held accountable for him drinking because he was drinking with his fellow co-workers, who knew that he was underage
Yes your friend's employers have some liability issues present, yet please keep in mind that even if your employers...
I recently moved to Las Vegas (8/14) with my husband who is attending UNLV dental school. I got my first DUI in CA while living there in 2004, my second in 2009 (LA county). 4 years sober now. Started my 18 month program for 2nd offenders in Santa Barbara, CA but moved to NV before completion. I need to get a NV license and have been told conflicting information from the NV DMV, The CA DMV, The CA Mandatory Action Unit, The 2nd offender programs in NV and CA. Basically..... anyone else you can think of. I have been told I CAN do a second offender program in NV and it will grant me License, I have been told that that it will NOT, i have been told I'll have to commute back to CA each week for classes. I have been told i have to give up my first born, I am so confused and frustrated. HELP!!
It is unlikely that NV will issue a drivers license until your CA license is reinstated. You need to talk with the CA...