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The conditions of probation are do not operate a operate a motor vehicle while license is suspended, Alc/Sub Ab. test, tx, 100 hr of community service, and 2 victim impact panel. This is my first conviction of a DUI no prior convictions, or misdemeanors.
Probation officers authority comes from orders of the Court. If your conditions do not include surrendering your...
I am in the process of applying for UK Visa and there is an entry that asks me to check Yes / No. The Question is: Do you have any criminal convictions in any country (including spent / unspent convictions and traffic offenses)? I am not sure if it is an Yes / No. I am applying for a business tourist visa.
Upon successful completion of the Alcohol Education Program the charges against you were dismissed. So as to that...
I had a dui/suspended license arrest back in 2011, I went to court & the judge said that since it was my very first arrest, all I would have to do is stay out of trouble for 12mths & restore my license & my case would be naullied. It's been over 3yrs & today when my car broke down in Glastonbury....I get arrested for an outstanding warrant. But over 1month ago..I got pulled over for texting & driving by east hartford traffic cop & he did not mention nothing about a warrant at all. He ran my license & gave me my ticket...nothing else. If I get my paper work proving that my case was settled & I appeared in court for my dui & no other cases occurred can I sue? And which town should I sue?
You need to contact an experienced civil litigation/ civil rights lawyer in your area.
this accident he was in was in Feb 2014. all the blood work has come back so we are assuming a warrant will be issues soon..?
Without more details, it would be impossible to say for sure, but likely there will be some jail time if convicted....
DUI 10yrs ago. Went to drug alcohol classes. Petty theft wasn't intentional & never walked out of store. Realized items weren't paid for before security approached & they wouldn't let me pay for them. They couldn't find on any camera angle me stopping or not stopping and checking my bags, thus it was my word against the security.
Your safest bet is to engage an attorney to discuss your issue in a confidential setting. It is never a great idea to...
I got 3 DUI's in 1 years time, DMV told me to take alcohol education classes and driver retraining which I successfully completed. Now I would like to know how to write or format the request
This type of issue is too important to go it alone. Please contact a skilled local attorney to assist you.
they issue a protection order for me but i did not request that since i did not feel unsafe
DCF, once it has credible evidence , has the mandate to investigate the circumstances and confirm the welfare of the...