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Can I get back my license early on a 3 year revocation for 2nd DUI while on DUI probation and a BAC refusal.
They had my BAC level in court. I am getting both DUIs dismissed by completing a 1 year substance abuse program for a possession charge. Court will dismiss DUIs , possesion and end my probation upon graduation. I am almost halfway through DUI classes as well and 1.5 years into my revocation. I have proof from court and probation of continued sobriety through testing and monthly court progress appearances.
I don't think you will get it back early because of the refusal. Refusal established at DMV results in a 1 year...
Is it easier to win, or beat a misdemeanor DUI case the older it gets??
my case is 7.5 yrs old now. after my dui i lost my car, job, and had to relocate out of that state. it's just not been easy to get back. im ready to take care of it, but wonder if the time passed can play in my favor. such things as officer not being employed any longer. i was also approached more than 3 hrs after driving last, and even longer since last drink. I broke down and was resolved to stay the night in my car. It was shortly after 10pm, and I was tested approximately 1:30-2am. It was definitely after 3 hrs though. I posted earlier and mistakenly said 2 hrs......but I checked the phone i used 8 yrs ago, yes i saved it. I called 911 because i eventually became too cold, and basically nervous. I was waiting on the tow truck
You could win your case on what is colloquially referred to as a Serna motion. You will need a lawyer for this. It also...
Got arrested red for a dui. Was v pulled over because light was out got arrested because assumption were made by peace officer
Did the hearing. I felt like I was attacked, findings and facts from d m vstated; set aside how t o go about getting money back for the tow and suffering and time spent. Also they will not give me a copy of my police report.
I'm not sure what your question is but you can usually request a copy of the police report from the arresting agency....
Sentence to 125 days on 1st PBV on my 3rd DUI in Orange County, How much time will I do? Can prop 47 allow me release early?
Original Sentence was 75 days because I did 180 in rehab on my own and I was allowed to apply foe SEC house arrest. I didn't enroll in time because of funds, At my PBV hearing I was sentence to 125 days. Can I apply for prop 47? I have a full time job and a family and need to know my options, If any.
Prop 47 does absolutely nothing for you. Prop 47 reclassified some offenses, principally drug possession and theft...
Where can I find the form to request the Superior Court to review the DMV Hearing for DUI? Writ of Admin Mandate?
I searched the Internet and Superior Court of Riv website for hours. Can't find the form. Only found one for Orange County & SD. Please help. I can't afford an attorney-single mom, employee and student. I lost the DMV hearing, got 1 yr suspension for refusal BUT the COURT dropped to Wet Reckless and dropped the refusal.
I do not think there is a such a form. I just draft up the writ from scratch. Hire an attorney to prepare it for you.
If you drink and then drive, but drink again post driving. Can police use BAC results against you??
My vehicle was broken down, and I had drank prior. I was stranded for at least 3 hours, and eventually drank from the bottle again(at the trunk of my car). At some point I called 911 and requested a tow truck. Shortly afterwards I went to my trunk to gather property,and it was then that I took a drink from the bottle which was in trunk. I placed my property in a bag on my front seat, and awaited the tow. CHP showed up first. In his report the officer said my eyes were red and bugged out. Yet I was tired after sleeping in my car a cpl hours. Besides having a thyroid disorder which caused my eye disorder called proptosis( bulging of the eyes). Can the fact I drank on the freeway help or hurt.?? What about countering his visual assessment of my eyes??
Drinking after driving is certainly a fact that can make up part of a viable defense, as well as ailments which can...
Can a defendant's attorney get ahold of my anonymous 911 call?
My stepdaughter's mother has gotten 3 DUI's in 4 years. She has no license, is on probation and continues to drink and drive even at times with my SD in the car with her. I have called 911 a few times on her when she was driving but she never got caught/pulled over. If I call 911 on her anonymously, and she goes to court with her lawyer, can her lawyer obtain my 911 call? It's extremely important that I remain anonymous.
Yes, an attorney is entitled to all discovery pertaining to their client's case including 911 calls. While you can...