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They had my BAC level in court. I am getting both DUIs dismissed by completing a 1 year substance abuse program for a possession charge. Court will dismiss DUIs , possesion and end my probation upon graduation. I am almost halfway through DUI classes as well and 1.5 years into my revocation. I have proof from court and probation of continued sobriety through testing and monthly court progress appearances.
I don't think you will get it back early because of the refusal. Refusal established at DMV results in a 1 year...
he completed everything to take care of this ticket, he completed a rock program and since turned his life around. But now due to child support issues which he is paying, but behind cant get a drivers license, and got a ticket diving to work without a license. When goung to court to take care of ticket, was told he had a second Dui
I'm confused as to what the question is and what the timeline of events is.
Im under 21 and had a BAC way over .8. I don't have court till mid January, but im not sure what I should do. Im VERY confused. Im not sure if its even worth it to request a hearing because I was legally intoxicated and the signs were obvious. Would it possibly make my temporary license longer if I requested one though? What could happen? Also, what would I do to make sure I can have my license to drive back and forth to classes when It comes to that? Please help. TIA.
You should always hire a qualified attorney to handle a DUI. Even though you may not believe that you have any defenses...
According to the Constitution, we as a free people are not required to be licensed to drive an "automobile" as long as it is not used for business purposes, which would then be considered a "motor vehicle". If, after my license has been suspended for a year because of a dui charge, do I legally have to provide a license to an officer if I have been pulled over for a traffic stop? Also, can I legally use this as as a defense if I were to be arreseted. It is clearly stated in the US constitution that a license is not required, so presumably this should hold up in court correct?
Your proposed defense to driving without a license and/or driving on a suspended license will not fly in any court of...
I was told that I can not get because of DMV. I got a letter from DMV month ago stating that my full driving privilege will be reinstalled after completion of DUI program. I called DMV and got the answer that someone from the program must to call them and it will be taken care of.The person from the program told me that he is waiting for call from DMV. I am not driving anyway and I sold my car; I need certificate for the court. mainly. That person told me to wait and everything will be done this week. What is wrong. Why I have to wait for certificate?
That seems odd. If you've completed the program and 9 months have passed, the DUI school should be sending the proof...
My IID restriction term ended Sept. 9 . I have a letter from DMV. I completed recently DUI program and received certificate. also. I won't be driving for a while but because of different reason - I sold my car. I am paying SR22 anyway. Having restriction on my Driver Licence make me feel bad. I want to save time and money from one side, from the other I don't want to be labeled at first glimpse on my Driver Licence and I do not need that to remember - DUI will haunt me for the rest of my life but I have to move on . I have my passport and Ca ID card .But, may be is better to take care right away about that by going to DMV and applying for a new Driver's Licence?
Tell the DMV you lost your license and need a replacement. Bring proof you are no longer required to have I ID on...
Signed up for dui classes. Wondering about the drug testing because I will have weed in my system from medicinal use. Even stopping now won't get it out of my system in time. It stays for up to 3 months sometimes. I used it legally but now that I'm in the course im concerned they will fail me due testing positive. I don't know what to do?
Have you talked to your lawyer about your concerns?