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They had my BAC level in court. I am getting both DUIs dismissed by completing a 1 year substance abuse program for a possession charge. Court will dismiss DUIs , possesion and end my probation upon graduation. I am almost halfway through DUI classes as well and 1.5 years into my revocation. I have proof from court and probation of continued sobriety through testing and monthly court progress appearances.
I don't think you will get it back early because of the refusal. Refusal established at DMV results in a 1 year...
I was given a 3 year probation, but am unable to get a job in my profession due to dui
You either have to wait for probation to expire and have the motion filed or have a motion filed and argued supporting...
Was charged with a DUI in 2010 but no charges were ever filed. So I was never convicted of the DUI. The DUI shows up on my driving record but not my criminal record. Is this correct sounds kind of fishy to me.
Yes if you suffered the administrative suspension which is separate from the criminal dui conviction. The driving...
no one is injured and the CHP took my license away and gave me a 30 days temporary license, now the dmv sent me another one, and it is good until May 15th, as my court hearing is May 5th. Can i purchase a car with temporary license only to the dealer? or what would you recommend.
I think you can purchase a car with a temporary license. I think you can buy a car with no license....just cant drive it.
They just arrested me for my 4th Dui but I have never gotten to court on the other 3. They are all on for arraignment still since I never showed up and they issued warrants. What could happen to me? . Can they charge me with a felony now? I don't have the money for an attorney should I just plead guilty and try t get a good deal?
since you cannot afford a private attorney, you should ask for the public defender the first time you go to court. You...
We've been to court 2 times and she does sidebar with judge and he wants 6 month residential alcohol program. I tried but my insurance only covered 2 months. I graduated and am in recovery. Question: haven't started 18 month program cause I havent been officially charged so I can't enroll, court is this Tuesday, do I need to request certain paperwork from judge to start program? How long into the program will I have a chance for a restricted license? Riverside, CA. (Hemet)
Uh yeah, you really need to discuss this with your lawyer.
im currently fighting the dui, at the time i was not advised by a public attorney or the judge that it would affect my daca which i pleaded guilty to. i learned this after the intent of denial. i have a court date on the 20th but my 33 days ends on the 16th. one, is it possible to ask for a extension above the 33 days and two if i fail will i be subjected to deportation? just to add i am working. im also attending college, im trying to complete my general education so i can transfer to a university, its also my only offense.
Absolutely! Hire two attorneys: 1) DUI Attorney; 2) Immigration Attorney for your deportation defense. Make time to...