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Charged with Fail Obey Driv Lic Restrictions, because I was driving a car that didnt have the intoxilyzer on it, can I get it
dismissed? the story is that I had a dui in 2013 for blowing over .15 and i pled to the charges got 12 months probation, lots of counseling, and was supposed to do 6 months intoxilyzer, my stupid PO told me to wait until the end of probation to start the inotixler, so I finished probation but still have the intoxilyzer. I have two cars. the car I drive primarily has the intoxylyser, and my show car that I use for work to take to trade shows does not. I actuallygot the judge to dismis the impoundment order, because i told him, I use that car to take to car shows and trade shows. I am a auto mechanic and customizer. At the time i was pulled over for this, i was driving the car to a car show. So with these facs can i get it dismissed. Or was i supposed to have the intox on ech car i o
Can you get it dismissed and why does the judge want jail time. Those are your questions. I do not know why the judge...
In 2005, I was arrested for DUI, and pleaded to a reduced Reckless Driving charge, Withheld Adj. Can I enter Canada?
In 2005, I was arrested for DUI, and pleaded to a reduced Reckless Driving charge. It was withheld adjudication, for which I served 6 months probation, which ended 10/2015. Would I be able to enter Canada easily? I am planning to travel in a few weeks by car. 1. Since it was withheld adjudication, do I have to disclose this to Canada? 2. Will they find this in their records, when and if they scan my information? 3. Will others in my party find out about this? 4. What's easiest way of entering canada for me, considering all these facts?
Unless you have sealed the DUI/Reckless records they will be on an NCIC criminal history. No reason to deny a withhold...
How long can my cousin be sentenced for on DUI Manslaughter? Best and worst case scenario? In Florida.
2 charges of DUI Ubal, 2 charges of DUI manslaughter, 2 charges of DUI serious bodily injury. She is 34 years old in the broward county FL area.
The scoresheet will determine the best and worst case scenarios. Her attorney can obtain the scoresheet from the...
Iwas arrested but not convicted of dui. the police department told my schooland I was terminated.is this legal?
I was in county for 4 days on the charge. I caused an accident with no injuries and had a Puerto rico license but they said I was driving without a license
Are you part of a teacher's union or do you have an employment contract? If so you need to reference the contract to...
Can a father gain any type of custody or visitation rights when his driver license is suspended and he has a previous DUI?
Child's father driver license is suspended already for traffic violations and has a previous DUI can he be granted custody or visitation rights? How can he spend time with the child?
Sure he can, though logistically it may be difficult. One possibility is for the father to have visitation, which does...
How to beat a DWI case
I got arrested for DWI when they gave me the breathalyzer I blew under the legal limit now they are trying to get me for driving under the influence of marijuana that I had smoked seven days previously what are my options for beating this case
If the state charged you based on the urinalysis they would have to prove at trial you were under the influence of...
Wondering how much it will cost to hire a lawyer for a dui I got 5 years ago?
Got a dui, 5 years ago, haven't been in trouble since, moved to Dallas TX when I was charged for a dui, didn't complete probation, I wondering how much it will cost to hire a lawyer and get my licenses back?
Lawyers are like shopping for cars, they come in every price range! You will need to address not finishing probation...