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Its been over 10 years since I had a dui what do I need to do in mn,to get my licence back.
this would be my 4th in 30 years
DPS will have a long list of requirements for you to satisfy, likely including abstinence, rehabilitation, and...
What does Crim/Traf mandatory under DWI/DUI mean in the state of MN, and can this be dropped and license be reinstated?
(Profiled) then pulled over stated someone called in on driving
For all your DWI questions you should contact an experienced DWI attorney without delay. You have deadlines to follow...
Info on cases that a lawyer I'm going to use
I was wondering if there is a web site or source were a can find out how many cases my lawyer I was going to use has been involved with in or outcomes of the cases for DUI charge
There are numerous places you can seek out some of this information. The lawyer's webpage and client testimonials and...
Dui or not
cop says he followed my minor son home. as my son was walking to front door the cops came up the driveway and breath tested him, my older son was home the cop said he blew a .115 and left him in care of the older son. I'm confused? he wasn't arrested so what will he be charged with?
He will likely be charged with underage drinking and driving. It's the zero tolerance law. A DWI isn't likely since he...
How do I fight my DL revocation when the county has filed charges?
I was arrested for 3rd degree DUI 2nd offense in 10 years last was July 2004. I spent the night in jail was released the next day never seen a judge and was released the next day with no bail. I still have no charges from the county but DPS just sent my revocation notice to be revoked 4/21.
There are strict timelines for filing something called an implied consent petition. Consult with an experienced DWI...
I Have a b-card. If i get a wi license will that restriction be on it also.
It was put on in 2008
You should probably post this in WI too. Like myself, most MN attorneys are probably not familiar with WI licensing...
A dui and test refusal charged during a breakdown ..
a dui and test refusal charged during a breakdown .. probable cause based on mobility and medical issues with alerts for both on drivers license.. alcohol alleged and speech ( aphasia ? TBI documented and lung capacity known by same dept from burned left lower lobe due to auto fire in 22013 which they also did similar action at and missed the fire medical need as well) that being said.. Is search with no permission legal and do they have rights to collect and possess my ignition interlock downloadable device and dash cam unit and footage ? If so how do I get it and what if its been tampered with ?? and playing cat and moue about it..
Sounds like you need to retain an experienced criminal defense/DUI Attorney without further delay.