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Went to court ;evaded the scene; rear ending;other driver spooked me;judge said apply for accelerated rehab;prev dui; jail?
have brethalizer in vehicle, wasnt drunk. no drugs. no nothing.
You should at the very least set up a free consultation with an attorney to go over the facts of your case. Accelerated...
I'm ineligible for accelerated rehab due to previous dwi. What can i do if i cant afford a lawyer? I am charged with evading.
I was rear ended and the other driver spooked me so i fled the scene...
You should reach out to your local county bar association. Most bar associations keep a list of low cost or pro bono...
My husband is interested in trying for a sentence modification for his fines. How do we/he go about this?
My husband was convicted of DWI (his 4th but one is over10 yrs old) and driving with a suspended license (3 counts) and was sentenced 6yrs suspended after 27mos w/3yrs probation and a huge fine. 2 yrs of that sentence is mandatory. He has served 18 mos of his sentence and is expected to get out in late January 2015. Where he will then have to pay his fines which were divided up through his 3 yrs of probation. I can not remember the exact amount but I'm pretty sure it is over $5,000. We are looking to do a sentence modification to get those fines reduced. Due to the fact that he is serving time right now we can not afford a lawyer and will need to so this ourselves. So we are looking for some advise on how to do this or how to get started. He had a public defender during his court case.
Generally speaking, when it comes to fines for DUIs, the fines are statutory and aren't capable of being reduced....
Can I get my motorcycle permit/license with an IID in my car?
I have an IID in my car. I had a (one) DUI out of state and it has since been reduced to a violation, but Ct had sent a letter out a while before that stating that I was required to have an IID in my car for a year (until March 2015). I know that there are no IIDs for motorcycle and my drivers license is not under suspension. I got a "restoration in full" letter. Can I get a motorcycle permit and license this year?
I don't believe that you can ride the motorcycle while you are under the IDD, and so I'd assume no, but you can verify...
Is there anyway to get my license suspension reduced? (refused breathalyzer).
I had refused the breathalyser based on my attorney friend's advice to do so. I did not realize he meant if I wanted to challenge it. This is my first offense, I realize now I should have taken the breathalyzer. I work full time and go to school full time. Is there anyway to get a work/school permit initially, not having to wait 90 days?
You need to go to the refusal hearing and win. That will prevent the suspension.
Can I be personally sued as a bar manager in a drunk driving incident?
A person who was drinking in a bar I use to manage hit someone and the person who was hit is suing the bar and I am named as a defendant in the suit as my name was on liquor license. I had no ownership in bar and may not even have been there on evening in question. Please advise.
You can be named if you're on the license, but not necessarily held liable, depending on the facts. The bar's insurance...
Single car crash into tree. no confrontation with police rushed to hospital bac .2
a couple nights ago i was driving on a dirt road while intoxicated. woke up to a tree in front of me and my car banged up. didnt talk to police just rushed to the hospital. should i be expecting trouble in the future? its to my understanding that police cant obtain blood results from hospital. will i be in trouble?
It is very likely that you will be in trouble. The police can obtain blood results from the hospital if they have...