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My grandson is 20 and in college. He was cited for under age drinking while being a passenger in his friends car who is 21.
He was the only one cited, an LCB agent was in the parking lot of the club. He had an open can of beer. Will his driving license be suspended if he pleads guilty?
The answer to your question really depends on the traffic laws in your state. You should contact an attorney who...
I was arrested for DUI, I refused to submitt to any testing without a warrant and I refused to answer questions, Trial ?
I was pulled over by Pennsylvania state trooper, my registration was expired by 15 days I was waiting the new sticker in the mail. Nevertheless I refused to answer his questions (ie where are you going where are you coming from) I declined his offer of a breathalyzer stating I wouldn't submit to ANY testing without a warrant... I've never had a drivers license so I got the summary with regards to that. I'm poor and a PD is my only viable option (and we know how that goes) so I thought I'd seek input on this site, thank you in advance for any insight.
There are too many facts not given here to give you any reliable advice. While refusal DWIs are generally easier to...
Dui for Prescription MED...How would it show & where can you look it up?
Why would it say ...DUI...unordinary charge ??? That is what someone said yet I show DUI...Ajudicated ? Whats the difference...I am now without a lawyer.. Can someone get a an office job with this background?
Sorry to hear you are without a lawyer- one could quickly review your docket to answer these questions. Ajuducated...
Are there any programs, suggestions or contacts to help with re entry into the workforce after a dui?
58 years old and I am fully functional and able to work. I am currently on ARD and want to work.
Not sure what you are really asking, or why an ARD DUI, which is not a conviction, is an impediment to employment,...
Dui Level 3 and Insurance
If one is in the ARD program and has the license suspended for 60 days. Insurance then is due what will happen?
If you don't pay your insurance bill, your insurance company will suspend it.
I am looking for advise while on ARD for a DUI & Job Search how do I handle this?
If I am on ARD and I have lost my license, what do I put on conviction? Also, if my license is suspended and someone whats two forms of ID what other that a Social Security Card will suffice if I don't have my license?
You can go to a local DMV and acquire an ID only. I'm unsure about PA but in TN, this would not be a conviction if you...
Dui Upper levels
After a DUI and possible incarcenation, are there programs out there to help people get back on there feet again? Not having the ability to drive?
I would talk with your attorney who should be able to give some direction to you. Every case is different but...